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20th June 2017

TEFL is breaking language barriers across the world

In recent times technology has forced us to look for our cell phone or reach for our laptops in times of need. Even during language translation we tend to use an online translator or simply a mobi

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16th June 2017

Teach English and earn quickly in South Korea

You can always start your TEFL adventure in South Korea as it is often a top pick for aspiring TEFLers. You can earn quickly as the country pays good remuneration and provides additional benefits. But you must be aware of the criteria that an EFL teacher in Korea is expected to have.

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11th June 2017

ACT has earned the membership of the esteemed Early Childhood Association (ECA)

Asian College of Teachers (ACT), a multiple award winning institution committed to excellence in all aspects

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7th June 2017

Live, work and save as an ESL teacher in Vietnam

Many ESL teachers from countries with strict work environments like South Korea, Japan, and China are currently moving to Vietnam to take the best ESL positions. ESL market in Vietnam is growing a

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5th June 2017

Forge a bond with nature and share your story with ACT this World Environment Day

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is organizing and hosting a writing competition for all the enrolled candidates on the occasion of World Environment Day. This will provide the students with a plat

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2nd June 2017

Kirkpatricks Training Evaluation Model is an essential part of ACT L&D program

As a trainer or L&D professional, evaluation and measuring the effectiveness of your training is an essential part of every L & D program. Centre for Training and Professional Development,

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