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14th February 2022

ACTs live online session on Identifying Gifted and Talented Learners provided a fresh take on inclusive classrooms

Asian College of Teachers conducted a thought-provoking CPD live online session on “Identifying Gifted and Talented Learners” which was facilitated by an educational expert, Ms. Sussan George, an erudite educator with 18 years of teaching experience in Gujarat, India and Dubai & Sharjah, UAE on 11th February, 2022.


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9th February 2022

ACT celebrated Saraswati Puja at its Kolkata Office in adherence with COVID Norms

Maintaining its tradition, Asian College of Teachers celebrated the auspicious occasion of Saraswati Puja at its Kolkata office on 5th February, 2022. Though the celebration was a subdued one compared to pre-pandemic years, it involved active participation from ACT members. With weather conditions improving in the morning after a spell of incessant rain the previous day, the Kolkata office felt lively as employees turned up decked in traditional attires to offer 'pushpanjali' to the goddess of learning. Undoubtedly, the puja was held in accordance with the COVID protocols ensuring safety and hygiene. The celebration was replete with a scrumptious spread of ‘bhog’ enjoyed by everyone in the most traditional way possible.


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2nd February 2022

ACT emerges as one of the top 3 TEFL Course Providers of 2021 and wins Go Overseas Community Choice Award

The saga of achievement for Asian College of Teachers (ACT) continues into 2022 as it is glad to announce that it has been selected a winner of the prestigious Community Choice Awards 2021 and is among the top 3 TEFL Course Providers of 2021 for Support and Value by where winners were picked on the basis of the reviews left on the site between January 1, 2021 and December 31, 2021. We, at ACT, are more than elated and would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone involved for their wonderful coordination and immense support, without which such an achievement would not have been possible. Such a feat, marks the beginning of 2022 in a glorious manner for ACT.


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25th January 2022

An Exclusive STEM Training Session was organized for ACT Training and Academic Support Teams

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has successfully conducted a customized training session on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) for the Training and the Academic Support Team on 19th January, 2022. The session was facilitated by expert teacher trainer Ms. Manju Chakrawati (M.Com., B.Ed., with more than 13 years of teaching experiences in international schools in Mumbai, Ex-acting Principal & Lecturer at Vidya Vikas Universal College, Mumbai; currently, a teacher trainer and heading a Middle School in Bangalore).


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19th January 2022

ACT tops the Higher Education Digest list of 10 Must-Watch Online Learning Providers in India

Asian College of Teachers gets another moment to rejoice as it is thrilled to announce that Asian College of Teachers (ACT), the leader in teacher training and education in Asia, has been featured in Higher Education Digest in the ‘10 Must-Watch Online Learning Providers in India’ category for upskilling educators across the globe. 

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16th January 2022

ACT conducted a stimulating webinar on 'Using Storybooks to develop Language Skills and Healthy Brains'

Asian College of Teachers conducted a stimulating CPD webinar on “Using Storybooks to Develop Language Skills and Healthy Brains: Early Primary Students” which was facilitated by an international educational expert, Ms. Jennifer Schmidt (MA TESOL, New York; MBA Entrepreneurship, Spain; Teaching Certification in Music and TESOL, New York; BA Music Theory and Composition, New York) on 14th January, 2022.


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