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ACT conducted a Successful Webinar on Design Thinking for Teaching Professionals

25th November 2021

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) conducted a successful webinar on ‘How to Incorporate Design Thinking into Your Units and Lessons’ which was facilitated by an international educator, Ms. Jennifer Schmidt (MA TESOL, New York; MBA ...

ACTs Interactive Webinar on Online Inclusive Classroom Challenges kept Participants engaged

22nd November 2021

Asian College of Teachers successfully conducted an online panel discussion on ‘Challenges faced by Teachers & Parents in Online Inclusive Classrooms’ on 19th November, 2021. The panel comprised distinguished speakers - Dr R ...

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DESIGNING POST PANDAMIC Classrooms for learners

Schools will never be the same again. Making a smooth switch to the post-pandemic learning environment will not be easy and will be fraught with challenges but we are sure that educators will come up with spirited ideas and approaches for a new era of learning.

Join us for a panel discussion and get the opportunity to listen to our accomplished panellists from India and Abroad on Saturday 17th July 2021 from 4 pm to 6 pm ( Indian Standard Time).

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Know these Things before You Plan to Teach in Dubai

Overflowing with forcing high rises, shopping centres, sailboats, and energetic understudies, Dubai is heaven for the cosmopolitan educator. A junction of so...

7 Steps to become a Montessori Teacher

With thousands of Montessori schools located worldwide, certified Montessori teachers who have completed Montessori teachers training are in...

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Experience of TEFL Batch in Kolkata

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