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Equality & Diversity at Asian College of Teachers (ACT)

At ACT we are privileged to work with many thousands of learners of all ages and backgrounds both studying at our centres in Asia and India and in many schools and educational organisations throughout the world. We also recruit and develop teaching professionals and advise institutions and education ministries in many countries on Teacher Training, Teacher Development, Curriculum & Instructions.

Our 100+ staff internationally come from different walks of life and we partner with other organisations to extend the work we do to more communities. The education and achievement of each and every one of our learners is our top priority.

We actively pursue equality for all through a range of work:

We embed messages about equality and respect into our value statement, our policies and our plans. The overarching aim of our Equality Policy is:

The College is firmly committed to equalising opportunity for all who becomes a part of the College community and to advancing equality for all as an integral part of all operations. We aim to provide a supportive environment where everyone will be treated with fairness, justice, dignity and respect.

ACT seeks to:

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • Eliminate harassment
  • Advance equality
  • Promote positive attitudes and community cohesion
  • Encourage participation and progression

Key Equality objectives within our plans are:

  • To narrow gaps in achievement between different groups of learners with or without protected characteristics
  • To ensure that all staff are regularly trained in equality matters and understand how they can contribute to advancing equality in the College through their work, eliminating unlawful discrimination and harassment, and promoting positive attitudes
  • To maintain Equality
  • To review our employment statistics and identify actions relating to any causes for concern
  • To maintain an inclusive environment and experience for learners, staff and visitors.

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