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3rd July 2017

Encourage kids to write in cursive

Cursive writing is a part of the Montessori curriculum and an essential skill that aims at teaching the same to young learners right from the tender age of four or so. Maria Montessori’s extensive observations of the child revealed the importance of learning with the help of movements and senses. Studies reveal that the essential hand and brain coordination proves that the brain develops when the children use their hands and mind together to explore. Researches have also proved that kids who learn cursive over simple writing score better in reading and spelling tests. Perhaps because of the writing pattern of the cursive the writers are forced to conceive words as whole instead of parts. Cursive plays an important role in a Montessori environment and needs to be continued despite the world being technologically advanced.

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29th June 2017

Good storytelling skills can motivate your young learners

Teachers are often found to incorporate good storytelling techniques along with their basic teaching methods to engage young learners or to just ignite their imagination. Storytelling to children have beneficial effects on their social behavior. Studies prove that kids bond with their teachers on a stronger level  who are great storytellers in a classroom. It also encourages and in a way pushes young minds into reading and initiates writing skills in them. A good storyteller creates a great listener out of his/her students as they actually learn to pay attention and listen. The most important reason is that it instils creativity into young learners

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26th June 2017

Using various visual storytelling methods in corporate workshops

The field of corporate training is in the process of transition where new and contemporary training and development materials and techniques are being incorporated in the training process. Visual storytelling is one such training aid that is gaining prominence with every passing moment as the trainers and the business organizations unravel the benefits of the usage of visual images, graphical techniques as well as the audio visual clips. Use of visual aids helps the participants of the workshops and training to grasp and understand the subject quickly and appropriately and also retain them for a much longer period of time. Thus, training with visual aids takes limited amount of time on the other side yielding the maximum desired result. 

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20th June 2017

TEFL is breaking language barriers across the world

In recent times technology has forced us to look for our cell phone or reach for our laptops in times of need. Even during language translation we tend to use an online translator or simply a mobi

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16th June 2017

Teach English and earn quickly in South Korea

You can always start your TEFL adventure in South Korea as it is often a top pick for aspiring TEFLers. You can earn quickly as the country pays good remuneration and provides additional benefits. But you must be aware of the criteria that an EFL teacher in Korea is expected to have.

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11th June 2017

ACT has earned the membership of the esteemed Early Childhood Association (ECA)

Asian College of Teachers (ACT), a multiple award winning institution committed to excellence in all aspects

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