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ACT Conducted an Insightful Webinar on Down Syndrome

5th July 2024

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) organized a highly insightful and interactive webinar on ‘Down Syndrome,’ in June 2024 conducted by special educator Ms. Smita Tripathi who is also a consultant and speaker at various special education platforms. The webinar was a comprehensive session that shed light on various aspects of Down Syndrome, aiming to enhance awareness and understanding among attendees.

Ms. Tripathi began by providing a detailed overview of Down Syndrome, explaining its definition, causes, and methods of diagnosis. She elaborated on the recognizable facial and physical features associated with the condition, as well as key developmental milestones. The session also covered the medical complications often seen in individuals with Down Syndrome and the importance of schooling and educational support.

In addition, Ms. Tripathi discussed the various challenges that accompany Down Syndrome. She addressed personality and motivational styles, practical implications for education strategies, and the importance of individualized education plans (IEPs). Furthermore, she touched upon language and numeracy skills, social skills and behaviour, navigating the teenage years, and career options for individuals with Down Syndrome.

The live online session was notably interactive, with attendees actively participating and posing their queries to Ms. Tripathi, who provided detailed and thoughtful responses. The engagement from participants underscored the session's success in fostering a deeper understanding of Down Syndrome and its implications for education and personal development.


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