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ACT Successfully Conducted Cambridge TKT in Kolkata

26th June 2024

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) organized the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) for 32 students in Kolkata on 8th June, 2024 marking another milestone in their commitment to fostering professional development among teaching professionals. The exam, held at RN Singh Memorial School, was a testament to ACT’s dedication to providing regular opportunities for educators to refine their teaching abilities. The paper was well-received, and the exam went smoothly for the examinees.

Throughout the exam, the invigilators meticulously followed suggested seating arrangements and other protocols, providing essential guidance to the attendees to ensure a seamless and organized examination experience. This initiative reflects ACT’s commitment to advancing the knowledge and skills of teaching professionals in contemporary classroom settings.

The Teaching Knowledge Test, designed by Cambridge Assessment English, serves as a benchmark for assessing educators’ teaching proficiency and readiness for 21st-century classrooms. As the authorized center for conducting Cambridge TKT Exams throughout India, ACT ensures strict adherence to the protocols and rules established by Cambridge Assessment English during the examination process.


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