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ACT Celebrates the Success of its TEFL Graduates Placement in Thailand

27th May 2024

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is proud of the achievements of its distinguished graduates who have made significant strides in international education. The institution's unwavering commitment to quality education and training has led to the remarkable success of Anirban Chatterjee, a TEFL graduate, who has embarked on a fulfilling career as an English teacher at Phichit Pittayakhom School in Thailand.

ACT’s sought-after TEFL program aims to equip aspirants with the latest 21st-century trends in teaching English as a foreign language, along with strategies to create an environment conducive to learning for diverse learners worldwide. With a globally accepted certification, Anirban Chatterjee successfully landed a job opportunity at a reputed school in Thailand.

ACT’s dedication to providing high-quality training has earned it a sterling reputation in the education industry, making it the preferred choice for individuals aspiring to become educators. ACT’s dedicated placement cell has been instrumental in connecting graduates with esteemed employers across the globe. Through its user-friendly online job portal and dynamic campus recruitment drives, ACT ensures that its graduates have access to a wide array of teaching positions. The institution further supports its students through online placement webinars, offering guidance and assistance in securing placements worldwide. This comprehensive support system underscores ACT’s commitment to fostering professional development and facilitating successful careers in education for its graduates.


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