Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Mouparna Mukherjee
Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
India & Howrah
Very good. I am very happy

Wennielyn Astillero Jaud
Diploma in Early Years Care & Education
Negros Occidental, Philippines
The course has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience for me. Despite the challenges, I have found online learning to be both stimulating and rewarding. The webinars have been particularly valuable, offering insightful information that enhances my understanding of the subject matter. I am thankful for how accessible and informative they have been, making a significant impact on my learning journey. Overall, I have learned a lot and feel increasingly confident in applying what I have learned in practical settings.

Gandhi Riti Sarang
Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Teaching (PGET)
Yes Sir CJNZ Madresa school English medium. It is in Navsari Gujarat
India Gujarat Navsari
It was good. I would definitely recommend it to others.

Thonile Seb
Certificate Course in Pre School Administration & Management
I am still a students.
India kohima
I am happy to say that I have learned a lot through this course, gained valuable knowledge from it,and believe that I will effectively utilize the curriculum in teaching my students.

Annakay Melissa Tracey
Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
No, not yet but looking forward to doing so soon.
Abu Dhabi City, U.A.E.
I had a good experience with the Asian College of Teachers. The contents presented were well structured and very informative. I've learnt a lot that will most definitely help in my teacher’s career.

V Vennila
Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
India and Chennai
My overall experience in completing Diploma in Pre & Primary Teacher Training Course was outstanding. I had a good online learning experience, I thought it was well planned and layed out, easy for me to follow. I liked that everything was straight forward. There never was any confusion on assignments, which is always a plus with online courses.

Mundachali Dhanala M K Mohandas
Post Graduate Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training
Yes, I am working for National Public School, Varthur, as a Nursery Teacher currently.
Definitely the course was helpful and engaging, always kept me on my foot and just a throw back as a College girl again at this age. The course was challenging as it was Online course and I had to always refer books and Google for ideas and successfully completed my course which kept my ear's alert and eyes bright and gear up for all the Assignment provided and definitely our Coordinator Ma'am Ms. Ankita was very helpful and our Evaluators use to appreciate the pages of Assignment done and encourage me to do the Best and always had good time and the Tickets raise was answered in time, which help for fast completion of course, Thank you.

Slaney Sushma
Post Graduate Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training
Iam a teacher in Xavier School (CBSE), Manvi.
INDIA, Karnataka
I had great experience in learning this course,came to know many topics which were new to me.

Supraja Swaran Kumar
Certificate in Teaching

Shwe Yee Phyo
Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
Yes. I work as a classroom teacher in Bumble Bee International Preschool which is located in Mandalay , Myanmar.
Mandalay, Myanmar
Thank you very much for everything. Your contents from every modules are clear to understand for me. I got so many knowledges from your training.

Samta Prasad Birari
Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training
I am happy with the proper support and guidance provided by Asian college of teachers during course.

P Padmaja Rani
Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
i worked as a teacher, took break for family now restarting my career.
India, Bangalore
It was a good experience, refreshed my memory.