Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Ritu Sharma
Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
India New Delhi
Overall a good experience. Learned a lot. More confident about myself after completion of course. Mentors are very helpful. Always solved my problem. Give positive feedback every time . I want to join more courses in the future.

Gajaline Sangeevan
Diploma in Early Years Care & Education
Actually it's very good for me as a parent, I can study the materials and I organized my daily routine clearly therefore I'm satisfied about course completion. After every assignment and MCQ finished I was excited to see my result. Even though I missed the classroom environment.

Subhashani Dewada
Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
Teacher at Ambassador Bilingual School, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Thailand, Chiang Mai
I was very excited and was looking forward to the course. I found it surprising that I was so motivated and enjoyed reading, learning and doing the MCQ's as well as the assignments. Initially I wasn't sure how the online learning would be in terms of course material, etc but was so glad when I experienced it. Did not feel that it was any less than a physical classroom. I have been so motivated that I have now enrolled for Masters. Hope I can continue studying and applying my learnings.

Ei Theinge
Certificate in Early Years Care & Education
I am working as a freelance teacher.
Myanmar and Yangon
This course is useful for me to learn early childhood situations. As a preschool teacher or the one who is in this field should know all of the progress of the babies. So they definitely must join this course.

Vijeta Tripathi
Certificate in Teaching English Phonetics
I am a owner of Rise High Preschool
India Nashik
Nice material. If possible try to add some worksheets. Rest all the things are fine. Supporting team is well organised. Queries are handled well. So overall with course the experience is satisfactory. Yes, after implementing the theories in practical life I will observe how to deal with practical problems and issues of students.

Nalinasree Jayaprakash
Certificate in Teaching
The course content was detailed and has helped me gain more knowledge on different aspects of teaching.

Victoria Karjee
Post Graduate Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
Belfield Matri. Higher Secondary School
India , Kanyakumari
All is well. I really enjoyed the course. It provided me with a deep understanding of child development and the different stages of a child's growth.

Ryan Luke Williams
Post Graduate Diploma in Education and Teaching (PGET)
Yes I am, at the Lalisa Language Centre in Pleiku City, Vietnam.
It was an absolute pleasure to breeze through this course. My course coordinator (Nina) was extremely helpful and always attended to my queries in a detailed manner and extremely quickly, too. I'll definitely be signing up for more courses with ACT in the future.

Veena Dwivedi
Diploma in Primary Education
Bal vikas kendra
India buxar
It was very good. I liked the structure of course and all the members of the team were so supportive and were responding quickly.

Maheen Saad
Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
not yet
UAE, Sharjah
I am incredibly grateful for the comprehensive education I received during my pre and primary teaching course. The course provided me with invaluable insights into pre and primary education approaches, as well as a deep understanding of toddlers' and children's development. The curriculum was thoughtfully designed, covering essential topics such as teaching methodologies and strategies, young learners characteristics, and effective communication techniques.

Tejaswini Gujar
Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
Not currently, but want to start teaching asap. Please suggest any posts available here through ACT here in Singapore
A Transformative Journey: Review of Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course by ACT Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5) As an aspiring educator with a passion for nurturing young minds, I embarked on a journey of professional growth and development by enrolling in a Post Graduation Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course [PGDPPTT] by ACT, and the experience has been nothing short of transformative. This comprehensive course, offered by ACT, has not only equipped me with the essential pedagogical skills but has also ignited a profound understanding of child psychology and effective teaching methodologies. From the very outset, the course structure demonstrated a thoughtful blend of theoretical knowledge and practical application. The modules were meticulously designed, catering to the diverse needs of aspiring teachers like me. The program commenced with a deep dive into child psychology, helping me grasp the intricacies of cognitive, social, and emotional development in children. The support provided by the course Coordinator and administrators was commendable. They were responsive to queries and concerns, and the feedback on assignments was constructive and personalized. In conclusion, the Post Graduation Diploma in Pre and Primary Teacher Training Course [ PGDPPTT] offered by ACT proved to be an invaluable investment in my teaching career. Its comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructors, practical exposure, and abundant resources surpassed my expectations. This course equips aspiring educators with the necessary tools to create impactful learning environments for young learners. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone looking to make a meaningful contribution to the field of pre and primary education.

Jonalyn Genesela Maghacot
Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
Cornelia Montessori Philippines Cavite
I really enjoyed the online course. It was well planned and easy for me to follow. The work mcq test and assignment was just enough, so i could finish everything with enough time, learn about the topics and not feel overloaded and rushed.