Asian college of teachers Alumni

Aditi Jaiswal
International Teaching Diploma
It is going to be a month now till date it's going good.

Nirupa Bendre
International Teaching Diploma
Special thanks to both Sudeshna Ma'am and Rimpa Ma'am for conducting the course flawlessly and the entire course is structured very well. They always made us feel comfortable, gave clear instructions and demonstrations were fantastic. They acknowledge each and every one, have lots of patience in clearing all doubts, always with positive reinforcements. I thoroughly enjoyed attending the ITD course 7th Feb batch under their leadership. Also all my peers from the course are very understanding, helpful and enjoyed working with everyone. Thank you so much ACT for giving us such knowledgeable teachers and sir. This would not have been possible without the efforts of Rimpa and Sudeshna Ma'am. I also wish to thank Shounak Sir and Samantha for their guidance on the placement webinar session attended on 21st April 2022. Thank you once again.

Suneeta R Chandavarkar
International Teaching Diploma
It was a great experience for me. I learned so many things from this course. All concepts are thoroughly explained. Mentors (Aditi mam and Gargi mam ) have given me support and guidance.

Manasa R
International Teaching Diploma
We had very well experienced mentors. I loved being part of this learning program. I learnt preparing PPT and WORD document and how to handle presentations. Programs were very interactive and informative. I liked working in teams for presentations. Thank you...

Nancy Mariya Wilson
International Teaching Diploma
Course helped me as a beginner in the teaching field, a great kick start. Both teachers are the model of how we peers to be a teacher in future.

Juma S.
International Teaching Diploma
I had a great experience by learning new techniques and teaching aid for young learners. Wishing myself to be a good facilitator in all ways. Lots more to learn. Thanks a lot ..

International Teaching Diploma
Content and curriculum well developed

Virgin Bharathy
International Teaching Diploma
Mumbai, India
It was an amazing experience.it was really good sessions.All the courses provided are really good and responsible..

International Teaching Diploma
Master Teacher at Vedantu
India, Kerala, Trivandrum
It was a very good time that I had with the team. It gives me an opportunity to know the updated teaching methodologies in all aspects of learning. The sessions and practices were really admirable.

Priya Karmakar
International Teaching Diploma
VIBGKIDZ , Rajarhat, Newtown Kolkata -136
India, kolkata
It was an amazing experience. Mentors, collaborator, councillor everyone was approachable and very polite with vast information.

Ramya H
International Teaching Diploma
Bangalore, India
It was a wonderful journey... the trainers are filled with knowledge and are very approachable. Thank you.

Aarati Amin
International Teaching Diploma
India (Mumbai)
My Experience with ACT was fabulous and I cannot find a flaw in my course and Miss June is excellent she is the best teacher I have met so much passion for what she does is truly admirable.