Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Valita Paqita Lobo
PG Diploma In Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program
I am a teacher at Silas International School,Udupi, Karnataka
India, Udupi
My overall experience during the course was very good. I have gained knoowledge and exposure in the areas chosen. The staff at ACT also is very cooperative and hospitable. Thank you

Diploma in Educational Administration & Management
teacher and headmaster
Was glad to find this course as it really helps me to understand many things about leadership in an educational setting.

Rumaa Dey
Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management
Yes, Jamnabai Narsee International School, Mumbai
The PGDEM provided a comprehensive and insightful exploration of educational leadership, policy and administration. Through engaging documents, I gained valuable skills in strategic planning, organisational development, and effective communication. The course equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to lead educational institutions effectively, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and student success. Overall, it was a rewarding and transformative learning experience that has prepared me for a fulfilling career in educational leadership.

Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program
Jasudben ML School, Khar, Mumbai - India
India, Mumbai
Before I joined this course, I was quite confused about the institute. Thankfully I got good reviews about this institute. Coordinators are very helpful and materials shared with me for the course are informative. Thank you so much, I'm so satisfied.

Jayasree Jayachandran
PG Diploma In Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program
Dubai, UAE
I found this course informative, enjoyable, and relatable, as I am currently implementing many of the practices covered in the course material. Additionally, I particularly enjoyed working on the case study questions.

Dudley Schroeder
Certificate in Educational Administration & Management
Yes, Singapore International School
Vietnam, Ba Ria-Vung Tau
I thoroughly enjoyed the experience - using experience, problem-solving and covering all aspects of the programme in the questions were challenging and forced one to actually analyze, synthesize and look at all aspects in greater depth. Researching answers meant liaising with colleagues and get shared understandings of how others view problem-solving issues which lead to lively discussions.

Jabran Butt
PG Diploma In Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program
Lab Specialist at American University of Kuwait.... Administrative staff.... In Kuwait
I had enjoyed the course everyday and loved almost every chapter. Would be reading it again to make sure that I remember the topics. Most interesting topics were on educational administration and leadership concepts.

Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program
11 years of teaching experience
Bangalore, India
I am very happy to have completed the course. Initially when I started doing the course- Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership from Asian College of Teachers I wasn't sure of it but when I started learning the content was apt and explained perfectly. Since I have more than 10 years of teaching experience it was quite nice for me to understand the concept because I was able to relate to a larger extent. I would really like to thank all the ACT staff for giving such a platform for people to learn more in their free time. I really appreciate the efforts put forward by the organisation in the field of teaching and learning.

Myint Mho Aby
Diploma in Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program
Teacher at ABC Private Pre and Primary School.
Magwe, Myanmar
I found the coordinator especially Nina is quite responsible and flexible one. I have done my assignment because of the coordinator's quick reply and exact feedback. Thank you Nina and Asian college of teachers. I have already decided to join master degree there. I'll definitely come to you.

Jessy Joseph
PG Diploma In Educational Administration, Management & Leadership Program
There was no stress in terms of the duration of the course. A year and a half for the course completion put me at ease as I was in a full time job. Nevertheless I completed my course in 4 months. The timely evaluations helped. Highly recommend Asian College to all, especially working professionals.

eric shu ngwa
Diploma in Educational Administration & Management
Proprietor of a school in Cameroon.
Germany, Nordheim
The course was very engaging. Course materials could easily be comprehended. The objective feedback from tutors was very encouraging.I am personally impressed with the progress I have made so far. I am considering going in for a degree

Phyuu Thet Paing
Post Graduate Diploma in Education Management
I am a freelance English teacher and teacher trainer.
Myanmar, Mandalay
To learn education management and to achieve a diploma in the field of Education management and administration are one of my professional and personal goals. Now, I have fulfilled this goal. Although there were limited resources and transparency regarding educators' profiles within this online course, the course content effectively imparted the vital knowledge and skills of educational management I was eager to explore. I would like to express my gratitude to all those who contributed to the creation of this program and supported me throughout the duration of the course.