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20th March 2017

Asian College of Teachers commences association with Montessori Europe

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is proud to be associated with Montessori Europe (ME

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17th March 2017

ACT'S TEFL 'Mumbai Rainbow Batch' begins with splashes of colours

TEFL programs should not just be a course for the aspiring TEFLers but a life-long experience to cherish as well as possess a

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25th February 2017

Another successful TEFL episode in Bangkok

The in class 3 week TEFL program in Bangkok offered by Asian College of Teachers (ACT), winner of Asia Pacific Achievers’ Award 2016 and Indian Education Awards, 2017 goes about to make a si

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8th February 2017

Indian Education Congress Award News

Indian Education Congress - 7th National Convention on Business of Education, recognizing qualities and achievements in Education, has awarded Asian College of Teachers (ACT) – Best

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27th January 2017

ACT features in TQUK January Newsletter

It is an honor for Asian College of Teachers (ACT) to be not only recognized and endorsed by Training Qualifications, United Kingdom, a prestigious British Awarding Body and Ofqual regulated Award

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25th January 2017

Skilled EFL/ESL trainers are being hired to teach EAL students in USA

Pre and primary schools in Boston, USA are now seeking highly trained and skilled TEFL trainers to especially help their EAL (English as an Additional Language) students learn the language effecti

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