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Raising professional standards with CACHE endorsed courses

20th October 2017

Asian College of Teachers has added another feather to its cap with the launch of its Special Education Courses, the majority of which are CACHE endorsed. CACHE is the acronym which stands for Council for Awards in Care, Health and Education which was established by the Ministry of Health, British Government under the name of the National Nursery Examination Board (NNEB) in the year 1945. CACHE is constantly investing in high quality qualifications for the care and education industry and is the leading sector specialist in UK. They are committed to excellence and the qualifications they provide help millions of learners raise professional standards across the sector.

ACT offers a wide spectrum of SEN programs to cater to the constant rising demand for SEN teachers across the globe. SEN teaching aspirants will receive certificates from CACHE on successful completion of the course which will give a tremendous boost to their career. Normal classrooms are generally giving way to inclusive classrooms and this is garnering the demands for certified and skilled teachers with expertise in the said field.

The programs offered by ACT come under six different categories namely: Childcare, Special Needs Teacher Training, Parenting, Teaching Assistant, Health and Safety and School and Teaching Environment. The need to eliminate students with special needs from isolation is intense and this can be achieved by involving them in an inclusive classroom. ACT SEN courses aim at training teaching aspirants equipped with the requisite skills and techniques which they can implement to handle special needs children in both pre-school and primary school level, lower secondary education and international schools and individual professions.


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