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Stocking on vocabulary is beneficial for kids in the long run

27th November 2017

Kids are curious by nature, especially in their growing up years. They learn, pick up new words, and continue to learn. So, as a parent, or a pre and primary teacher, it becomes a duty to introduce the little minds to the world of dictionary so that they can pick up new words faster and increase their vocabulary. Children are likely to retain an advanced vocabulary and incorporate the same into their daily lives as they enter adulthood. Kids' version of dictionary is different from what we, adults, know. They include a lot of pictures, colours and are written in the most simplistic form of language. Other than lexicons, being exposed to a wide range of stories and bedtime stories from an early age will benefit them to look at the world in a unique and innovative way. A good book will always help them to broaden their horizon of imagination and explore newer ideas. This will also inculcate a reading habit within them along with the understanding of other grammatical basics. Research suggests that children should be encouraged to socialise with their peers which is another way to pick up vocabulary. Vocabulary building is a skill that aids every child in their growing up years and in every aspect of their life. Click Here


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