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Academic Associate Directors engaging interactive session at Kolkata Office

7th April 2018

Dr Margaret Davitt Maughan, who is a Senior Educator and Associate Academic Director with Asian College of Teachers, has visited India to conduct a series of workshops in Kolkata, Mumbai and also Bangkok in Thailand. She reached ACT's Kolkata office on the 4th April where she received a warm welcome followed by a felicitation ceremony. Later that day she had an interactive session with the evaluation and the training teams.

Dr Maughan has 35 years of experience in classrooms, curriculum development and interdisciplinary studies, has the expertise in instructional organization and course designing. She has taught varied courses over the course of her teaching career. She used this teaching experience to share her concerns and valuable information regarding the challenges teachers are facing in America as well as in India and the discussion went on to shed light on the various issues related to infrastructural problems, concerns regarding teacher-student quality and quality of teaching. Dr Maughan's session reflected wealth of wisdom and was beneficial in imparting knowledge in the field of teachers training with a focus on challenges teachers face across the globe and varied teaching strategies during the contemporary times.


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