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Teaching practice is a crucial tool for Teacher Education Program

21st March 2018

Teaching practice is an important component of becoming a teacher. It grants student teachers experience in the actual teaching and learning environment. It is the method of learning that is defined as a period of time when the teachers acquire real life teaching experience by teaching students in order to receive specific in-service training to apply learned theory into practice. It is beneficial to the aspirants as it acquaints them with teaching experience, increases confidence, provides a grip on classroom management skills and much more.

Asian College of Teachers' 3 weeks International Teaching Diploma provides the aspirants teaching practice sessions that acquaint them with much needed confidence and skills along with the experience of real life teaching. Teaching and shaping young minds is no easy task and that is why first hand learning for teachers is required. ACT arranges teaching practice (TP) sessions for budding educators willing to venture into the field of pre-primary, Montessori or nursery teaching. The TP session begins with a demo by the trainer followed by a practice session. Next, peer-teaching and classroom teaching follows, for a real life classroom experience along with building confidence in the candidates. Practice in the Montessori set up includes storytelling session. Stories are selected carefully keeping the age groups in mind. The candidates also develop a grip on creating their own supplies and craft pieces required for the storytelling session, according to the story and role-play needs. At the end, they are evaluated based on the TP observation and it comes to their aid while getting employed.


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