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ACT organizes free eye checkup in order to boost employee health

10th March 2018

Ensuring that employees are 'happy and here' is a growing focus for organisations on a global level and ACT is no far behind. Asian College of Teachers organized a free eye-check up camp for its employees in their new office at Merlin Acropolis on 8th March, 2018.

Even few years ago, speaking of employee health and their wellbeing, usually referred to or meant an organisation's health insurance plan or basic medical facilities available for all the staffs in times when they were not well. The scenario has changed for the better. Nowadays, employee health is a major concern for employers and organisations that could mean a custom-made range of services varying from annual health risk assessment to biometric screening, and stress or weight management programmes to even high end gymnasiums- all are now essential elements of a good employer's health and productivity strategy.

ACT has always looked after the health and well-being of its employees and the free eye check-up was another step towards it. The check-up was carried out by followed by suggesting stylish frames by the Lenskart staffs. This was really the need of the hour as no job responsibilities of the contemporary times is complete without staring at the computer/laptop screens for hours, which affects eye-health to an extent. ACT made sure that their employees attend the check-up as good vision has a deep impact on the motivation, delivery and overall well-being, which influence end results.


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