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ACT Graduate Excels as Homeroom Teacher at DPS Secunderabad

19th January 2024

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) takes pride in sharing the accomplishment of its TEFL graduate, Apekhsa Dhawankar, who recently secured a position as a Homeroom Teacher (Class 1) at Delhi Public School, Secunderabad.

Apekhsa completed ACT’s comprehensive 220-hour TEFL program with a specialization in BETT, showcasing her dedication to acquiring in-depth knowledge and skills in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Her successful placement at DPS Secunderabad aligns seamlessly with her TEFL background, demonstrating the practical applicability of the program.

The HR department at DPS Secunderabad was so impressed with Apekhsa’s performance that they expressed interest in recruiting more ACT graduates. Apekhsa attributes her success to the unwavering support and guidance she received from ACT mentors throughout her journey.

Apekhsa praises her course coordinator for prompt and helpful responses to her queries, which significantly eased her learning process. Apekhsa expresses deep gratitude to ACT’s placement department for its exceptional efforts in grooming students and providing invaluable guidance. She acknowledges ACT for playing a pivotal role in her professional journey and wishes the institution continued success in its future endeavors.

ACT’s commitment to delivering high-quality training has established its reputation as a preferred choice for individuals aspiring to become educators. The institution’s dedicated placement cell actively connects graduates with esteemed employers worldwide through online job portals, campus recruitment drives, and placement webinars, ensuring a seamless transition from education to employment.


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