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ACT Trainees Showcase Teaching Prowess during Teaching Practice Sessions

30th December 2023

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) organized teaching practice sessions for its TEFL in-class December batch at Riverdale High School, Kolkata on the 18th and 19th of December, 2023. These practical sessions saw ACT trainees actively engaging with learners at grades V, VI, and VII, demonstrating commendable teaching skills and effective classroom management.

The teaching practice sessions go beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on translating acquired skills into real-world teaching scenarios. ACT believes that these sessions are pivotal in influencing student learning outcomes, aligning with the institution's commitment to delivering high-quality teacher training.

During the sessions, the trainees applied the practices learned in their TEFL classes, ensuring a seamless integration of theoretical concepts into practical teaching methodologies. The emphasis on classroom management skills showcased their ability to create a conducive learning environment. ACT believes that teaching practice is instrumental in refining teaching techniques and achieving positive learning outcomes. The trainees expressed satisfaction in applying the skills acquired throughout the course, witnessing first-hand the impact on student engagement and learning.

This live classroom experience not only tested the trainees’ teaching abilities but also provided valuable insights into the dynamics of a real classroom setting. The positive response from the learners affirmed the effectiveness of the teaching methods employed by the trainees, marking a successful implementation of ACT’s training philosophy.


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