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Asian College of Teachers Hosted a Joyous Christmas Celebration at Kolkata Center

25th December 2023

It was time for 'Secret Santa' at Asian College of Teachers (ACT) Kolkata Center which transformed into a festive and vibrant space on 22nd December, 2023. There were sparkling Christmas decorations all over the place with the Christmas tree and the gifts spreading the magic of the festive season. Every member of the ACT family embraced the Christmas spirit by buying gifts for their colleagues and eagerly anticipating the fun and exchange of gifts which have become a ritual synonymous with warmth and camaraderie among the employees. The atmosphere exuded joy and brought in a sense of belonging and team spirit. It was not just about exchanging gifts but building a strong bond between two individuals. With the Christmas carol filling the air with good cheer, Santa Claus arrived with a bag of gifts to distribute and put a smile on everyone’s face. There were chortles and laughter all around and everyone got busy cracking the riddles to find one’s secret Santa. The celebration continued with clicking pictures with Santa and the gifts and savoring the yummy refreshments. Everyone had a wonderful Christmas time.


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