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Asian College of Teachers Hosted a Grand Convocation Ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand

6th December 2023

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) orchestrated a splendid convocation ceremony at the Renaissance Bangkok Ratchaprasong Hotel on 3rd December, 2023 a day marked to celebrate the achievements of its students who have evolved into adept global educators. The event aimed to acknowledge their dedication and preparedness to create a positive impact on society through education.

The ceremony unfolded with the registration process and a vibrant dance drama, Khon originally reserved for the royal court performance, created a festive ambience for the attending alumni. Esteemed guests of honor - Dr Margaret Davitt Maughan (Associate Director – Curriculum and Instructions, ACT), Dr Janat Blackmon (Academic Director of ACT), Dr Kuldeep Agarwal (Associate Dean of ACT), Dr Maurice K Dimmock (Chairman, ASIC UK) graced the event with their august presence. Dr Sanjib Chakraborty (Founder & Chairman, ACT) felicitated the guests of honor and delivered the keynote address which set the tone for the event.

There were a string of eloquent speeches delivered by the respectable guests of honor. Dr Janat Blackmon gave an insightful presentation on Hidden Curriculum and Dr Margaret Davitt Maughan helped the audience to take a closer look at concept-based teaching. Dr Maurice Kenneth Dimmock enlightened the audience by speaking about “Quality Measurements in International Education”.

ACT's convocation served as a great platform for the graduates to connect with influential figures in the field, fostering professional networking and exploration of diverse career opportunities across Asia and beyond. The graduates had the privilege of engaging with top education leaders, gaining inspiration from their experiences and wisdom.

The day's highlights included a sumptuous gala lunch, a picturesque photo session capturing lasting memories, and ample networking opportunities. As the graduates marked their transition into the next phase of their professional journey, the convocation underscored the transformative role of ACT in shaping competent global educators.


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