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Asian College of Teachers Is Changing the Face of Teacher Education

31st October 2023

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) stands as a beacon of excellence in the realm of teacher training, aligning its courses and teaching methodologies with global standards and the latest trends in education. Committed to nurturing the aspirations of both would-be and practicing teaching professionals, ACT's dedication to producing global educators is evident in the illustrious journey of its alumni and their remarkable contributions in the field of education worldwide.

ACT's influence knows no geographical bounds; students from all corners of the globe converge to enrich their teaching skills by taking its comprehensive courses. In parallel, ACT's graduates emerge equipped with the essential skills and techniques to educate diverse classrooms and learners across the world. The institution's track record of successfully placing graduates in prestigious institutions such as Al Dhiya Private School in Oman, Ambassador Bilingual Academy in Thailand, Kidkudo School in Thailand, The University of Tabuk in Alwajh Campus in Saudi Arabia, Acharya University in Uzbekistan, GD Goenka Public School in Kolkata, and Presidency University in India serves as a testament to the quality of its training and curricula.

The courses offered by ACT are meticulously designed by seasoned educationists and academic experts who bring to the table years of experience and expertise. ACT's unwavering commitment to staying abreast of the latest trends and developments in the teaching and education domain ensures that trainees have access to the most relevant resources and knowledge.

ACT's pursuit of excellence has made it a hub for individuals passionate about teaching, providing them with the knowledge and skills needed to create a positive impact in the realm of global education. With a global reach and a legacy of successful placements, ACT remains committed to shaping the future of education by nurturing the educators of tomorrow. Our students teaching worldwide speak volumes about how ACT continues to transform and empower lives of millions of learners.

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