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An Insightful Webinar on Higher Education Was Conducted Successfully for Professional Doctorate Students

5th September 2023

A highly insightful and interactive webinar on “Understanding Education as a Discipline” was conducted by Dr Margeret Davitt Maughan on 3rd September, 2023. Dr Maughan who joined the webinar from the USA,  is a Senior Educator with Ed.D. Leadership from the University of San Francisco and more than 35 years of experience in classrooms, curriculum development and interdisciplinary studies. The webinar, a part of Professional Doctorate Coursework, was attended by the students pursuing Professional Doctorate in Education. The webinar shed light on the various aspects of Higher Education and integrated research and theory to provide the participants with foundational concepts and core skills in education as a discipline. Dr Maughan explained in detail the Foundations, Diversity & Equity, Policy & Impact, Administration & Organization and Employability in Higher Education. The live online session turned out to be highly interactive with participants meeting at breakout rooms to discuss and reflect on topics discussed which was further reiterated by Dr Maughan with additional notes for better understanding of all participants. The participants who hailed from the different parts of the world also enthusiastically shared their own experiences and views. Dr Maughan with her extensive experience and knowledge engaged the participants who were engrossed till the end of the webinar. The webinar ended with some great feedback about the webinar and especially for Dr Maughan.


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