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ACT lives by its own motto by teaching and truly touching the lives of its students

15th May 2023

The TEFL batch got underway in Bangalore on 8th May, 2023 and just like other batches, it was buzzing with activities and the students were busy planning lessons, writing journals and actively participating in the class activities. But this time there is someone special in the classroom - a student, Padmavati who has inspired the entire batch as one of her legs was amputated but she insists on carrying on with the activities like the rest of the students in her batch. Even the trainer was absolutely amazed at the grit and determination of someone who has travelled 300 km to attend the TEFL batch in Bangalore.

The heart-warming story of Padmavati does not end here as this is not the first time she is attending a course at Asian College of Teachers. Padmavati has been one of our old students who attended a workshop around 2018-19 at Asian College of Teachers, Bangalore. She was wheelchair bound at that time. When she arrived at our Bangalore centre she had to be carried by the ACT staff from ground floor to her first floor classroom. She never forgot the immense support and encouragement that were extended to her by Asian College of Teachers when a lot of institutes at that time declined her applications when she was in dire need of a certificate and was looking to upgrade her skills.

She had remained indebted to ACT ever since and has again returned to ACT to pursue TEFL but we, at ACT, are more than proud to have her back as one of our students who showed that her disability did not stop her from pursuing her career and her dream and we feel so fortunate to have touched her life in some ways. This goes to show that anyone can be skilled and talented whether or not they have a disability.



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