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Rabindra Jayanti Celebrations Filled the Air at ACT Kolkata Centre with Joy and Zeal

12th May 2023

The enchanting melodies of Rabindra Sangeet reverberated through the corridors of Asian College of Teachers on 9th May, 2023, as employees came together to celebrate the 162nd birth anniversary of the iconic poet, writer, and philosopher, Gurudeb Rabindranath Tagore. The premises of ACT Kolkata office were transformed into a hub of joy and creativity as staff members paid tribute to the Nobel laureate in a vibrant and engaging manner.

The event aimed to foster a sense of cultural diversity and artistic expression among the employees. It kicked off with a captivating rendition of Rabindra Sangeet by talented members, setting the tone for the celebration filled with artistic performances and meaningful interactions.

Members from various departments showcased their artistic talents through singing, dance performances, recitations of Tagore's famous poems etc. The office was absorbed in “Kobi-bondona” – paying homage to the bard of Bengal on his birth anniversary, thus creating an immersive atmosphere that transported everyone to the world of the Nobel laureate.

Tagore's birth anniversary, also known as Rabindra Jayanti, is celebrated with great fervour in many parts of the world, and ACT has undoubtedly set a remarkable example by embracing the occasion with such enthusiasm and zest.

As the celebrations drew to a close, employees returned to their workstations with a renewed sense of creativity, inspired by Tagore's artistic legacy. The celebration ended on a delicious note with some scrumptious evening snacks. The day's events left an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of everyone present, reminding them of the power of art and literature to unite and inspire.


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