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Dr Janat Blackmon joins Asian College of Teachers as Director of Academics

9th May 2023

We are delighted to share that Dr Janat Blackmon has joined Asian College of Teachers as Director of Academics. Dr Janat has already been associated with Asian College of Teachers for quite long as an Associate Director and has been conducting webinars regularly. She has been a regular guest speaker at ACT Symposia and Convocations as well. Now as Director of Academics she will take on additional responsibilities in academic management, curriculum designing etc. Dr Janat is an international educator, speaker and trainer from Canada. She has a doctorate in Education Leadership and has a wealth of knowledge of international training, teaching, and culturally responsive leadership. She currently resides in Texas and works as IB Coordinator. She is a Certified Teacher in Canada, Thailand, and Texas, a certified Montessori Teacher, a Texas Certified Principal, a certified ICF coach, and a Google Certified Educator. Dr Janat has worked internationally for over 16 years as an administrator, teacher, reading interventionist, and as a workshop presenter, keynote speaker, guest lecturer, and trainer on leadership, differentiation, assessment, and worked with organizations in developing democracy in education. We are more than glad to give Dr Janat a warm welcome as she prepares to navigate her new role.



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