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ACT Celebrated the Festival of Colours and International Women's Day with Great Fervour

15th March 2023

Asian College of Teachers (ACT), has always been upbeat about festivities and celebrations and embraces each and every occasion with the idea that it is an opportunity to foster camaraderie and a strong sense of belonging. Moreover, ACT has always recognised women power and hence women’s day celebration has always been an important event in the calendar of ACT. This year, International Women’s Day was all the more special due to the festival of colours, Holi falling the day before. It was a double celebration at ACT with Holi and Women’s Day being observed one after the other. Holi celebrations saw employees smearing colours on each other and posing for pictures later on. For Women’s Day, a soft board was put up for employees to pin messages followed by a gala lunch which was arranged for all the staff members to mark this celebration. ACT leaves no stones unturned to honour its women employees and this year it has been a special one starting with Holi which lent a celebratory mood in the workplace, breaking the monotony of everyday work routine. ACT is one place where women not just coexist, but outnumber men and where people are always put first.


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