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ACT worshipped the goddess of knowledge while being soaked in the spirits of nationality

27th January 2023

Asian College of Teachers indulged in 'Baagdebi'r aradhona' during the auspicious occasion of ‘Vasant Panchami’ on 26th January, 2023 at its Kolkata office. It is celebrated with great pomp and fervour every year to mark the arrival of the spring season. This year, it coincided with the Republic Day and was celebrated while being soaked in the spirits of nationality.

Maintaining its tradition, ACT welcomed the goddess with active participation from ACT members. The Kolkata office was full of activity and felt lively as employees, decked in yellow themed attires, offered ‘pushpanjali’ to the goddess of knowledge. As no celebration is complete without delicious and traditional spread of yumminess; ACT members enjoyed a scrumptious spread of ‘bhog’ and ‘prasad’ in a traditional manner. Members attending the celebration, sought for blessings along with wisdom, learning, and knowledge from the goddess.

‘Vasant Panchami’ marks the fifth day of the month of ‘Magha’ when one and all worship ‘the Goddess of knowledge’. The event acts as a harbinger of the spring season and is celebrated in diverse ways across the length and breadth of India. The southern states of India, celebrates it as Sri Panchami. Yagnas are done in schools and colleges alike and are attended by students and teachers to seek blessings.

ACT looks forward to celebrating our traditions and roots and this year it was all the more special with Republic Day coinciding with the festival. Celebrations such as this makes the atmosphere all the more lively as everyone rejoices the good times tinged with hope, seeking blessing from the goddess.


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