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ACTs YouTube Session on Creating a First Impression Applauded by Viewers

7th January 2023

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) conducted an enriching YouTube live session on ‘How to Create a First Impression in Your Teaching Career' on 30th December 2022. The guest speaker at the session was internationally certified Ms. Ritu Saluja, who is an Image Consultant, Corporate Trainer and Etiquette Coach. She, currently, is a Trainer at ICBI, and her passion is to help people transform by creating powerful impressions to reach their highest potential and succeed in life.

Speaking of a ‘first impression in shaping someone’s career’, Ms. Ritu Saluja commented that ‘it only takes 3 seconds to create a powerful first impression and it is important because it lasts long’. There five vital factors that act as the driving force in creating one’s first impression and those are: appearance (overall look, clothing, personality etc.), body language (how one looks and appears, pleasant or unpleasant demeanour etc.), communication (what and how one says something, choice of words etc.), digital impression (acts as a visual resume), and etiquette (how one conducts, one’s manners, how it makes another feel etc.). Ms. Ritu also shared valuable information regarding how to appear for a virtual interview and related aspects that play a crucial role in making a good impression and creating the desired impact.

The session ended on a very positive note and Ms. Ritu Saluja opined to always ‘own the truth and nothing to feel ashamed of’. She cited examples from her own life and planted the seeds of optimism within the viewers who applauded the session and the valuable information that came along with it. So, the next time someone says “You had me at hello”, do know that you have successfully created an impeccable first impression. 


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