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ACT Successfully Placed its ITD Graduate at International STEAM Research ISR

29th December 2022

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has successfully placed its ITD graduate, Avradeep Acharya, as a Research & Development Assistant at International STEAM Research (ISR). Avradeep completed ACT’s International Teaching Diploma (ITD) program, which helped him to learn contemporary approaches and methodologies to teach learners of developing age groups.

It’s not the first time that ACT has placed its graduate in a reputed institute as part of its placement assistance, but the striking feature is that ACT is not only placing its students in the domain of regular teaching only but has also taken a step forward to move into STEAM. Avradeep Acharya, trained in the pre and primary teaching, has been absorbed by International STEAM Research (ISR) and is working in the Research and Development section of ISR. This shows that ACT, as a world-class training institute, offers programs that are purely based on the scientific methodology of teaching, which enables a student to take a step forward into the technical domain as well.

Avradeep has expressed his heartfelt gratitude to ACT especially to the training and the placement departments. He also opined that the program prepared him to face the evolving field of education with ease and confidence. ACT, with over 600+ school networks in Asia and beyond, has been successfully placing graduates in several reputed institutions and training organizations globally.


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