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Workplace Fire Safety Training at ACT Kolkata Centre was replete with Effective Safety Tips

24th November 2022

Workplace Fire Safety Training was held at Asian College of Teachers (ACT), Kolkata Centre on 8th November, 2022. The session was conducted by a certified fire safety trainer Mr Shaileswar Biswas. The session was quite informative as the employees gained knowledge about how to prevent a fire from occurring at one’s workplace. Fire Prevention tops the list of safety training and thus, ACT employees were provided with essential training regarding ways to eliminate fire hazards and how to respond quickly in case of one. Mr Shaileswar proffered ACT employees with necessary knowledge to identify a fire type, how to respond to one such incident, put out fire (in case of a minor incident or until help arrives), and how to perform their work in a safer way. He also threw light on the guidelines and instructions to identify and report hazards and ways to deal in case of a fire. He demonstrated the different types of fire extinguishers, how to use one, along with a safety plan that included instructions and guidelines to properly evacuate a hazardous scene, combat a dangerous situation and prevent any such incident in the future. Workplace safety training is a process that actually aims to safeguard the safety of employees. ACT strives to ensure that employees receive appropriate safety training. Everyone present during the training gained a clear concept of fire safety policy and how it can be managed at the workplace. 


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