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ACTs latest Teaching Practice Session is a Beacon of Hope after the Pandemic Blues

8th November 2022

Asian College of Teachers conducted a teaching practice session at Small Wonders Preschool, Salt Lake on 2nd November, 2022 which was attended by the trainees from the on-going International Teaching Diploma (ITD) batch. Both the trainer and trainees were more than happy to finally have bounced back to complete normalcy as this session was conducted for the first time since the pandemic hit globally.

Small Wonders, Early Child Development Centre, is a preschool that caters to the needs of young learners aged 18 months – 3 years. It provides the much-needed atmosphere and mentors for children to grow, develop, and turn into a beautiful version of themselves. The institute mainly follows a Reggio Emilia and Montessori curricula and ACT’s ITD trainees went for an interactive and effective storytelling session as part of their teaching practice.

Asian College of Teachers’ 3-week International Teaching Diploma provides the aspirants teaching practice sessions that acquaint them with the much needed confidence and skills along with the experience of real-life teaching. This session is a seal of positivity and the fact that the global situation has improved and picking up from where we left off. ACT takes this opportunity to arrange teaching practice (TP) sessions for the budding educators willing to venture into the field of pre-primary, Montessori or nursery teaching and these TP sessions turn out to be extremely beneficial in preparing trainees before they face real classrooms.


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