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Asian College of Teachers partners with a US award winning IVY School in Indonesia

4th August 2022

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has joined hands with the US Award winning IVY School, Surabaya, Indonesia to offer a range of innovative teacher education programs to not just provide the teaching force of The IVY School with the knowledge and skills to work in 21st century educational settings but capable of preparing empowered learners who can navigate through the challenges of the future. This joint venture is a step forward towards creating a vibrant educational ecosystem in Asia to impart learning and add a bright future to many young lives. This venture also brings with it new possibilities for transformational teacher education. Furthermore, this is also about exploring contemporary curricula, new forms of teaching and bringing in innovative pedagogies to the new age schools.  IVY School, established in 2004, has grown with its unique educational philosophy that is based upon personalized development learning and focuses on the excitement and joy during the learning process. They put emphasis on the relationship between teachers and students which is viewed as the key to intellectual liveliness and curiosity that expand inside the class and outside as well. We, at ACT believe that education is a never-ending process and it doesn’t stop at earning a degree. We aim at preparing global educators and strongly promote professional development which can transform teachers into better educators by enabling them to connect with the learners, gain a better understanding of the teaching-learning process and be able to create relevant and tailored lessons for them. This is the beginning of a new educational journey to teach and touch lives while setting global standards and offering a wealth of opportunities.


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