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ACT's Live Online Session on Effective Business English Teaching Garners Positive Feedback from Participants

1st August 2022

Asian College of Teachers conducted a stimulating CPD live online session on ‘Effective Business English Teaching’ on 29th July, 2022, which was facilitated by experienced trainer, Ms. Jennifer Schmidt, an erudite educator with more than 23 years of experience as a teacher, university professor and teacher trainer. The motivating session threw light on the fact that business English is steadily gaining momentum as more and more people are using English for business activities, thus resulting in an immense popularity of the language along with a noticeable demand for trained business English teachers. Participants were acquainted with the different approaches that are involved in business English learning as it is not only about language, but about language use in different contexts and settings. Ms. Schimdt covered various aspects like teaching grammar in a natural way, teaching through concepts and scenarios, ways to practice email writing based on a concept or scenario, using YouTube videos for listening practice and vocabulary development, techniques to get clients speaking with confidence, ways to spiral the curriculum etc. ACT’s online CPD workshop touched upon relevant areas of business English teaching and understanding its several contexts and settings.


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