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Session on Key Learning Theories for Teaching Mathematics was an eye opener for Math teachers

27th July 2022

Asian College of Teachers in collaboration with Marshall Cavendish Education, Singapore conducted an engaging live online session on ‘Key Learning Theories for Teaching Mathematics’ which was facilitated by expert and experienced trainer Mr Brandon Oh. The live online session held on 23rd July, 2022 explored the five key learning theories instrumental in making primary learners engaged in mathematics classes while they develop skills like collaboration, exploration, problem solving and critical thinking. The session threw light on the effective adaptation of these learning theories in classroom teaching to develop and boost critical thinking and problem-solving skills, among several other 21st century competencies that are a vital part of education.

The online workshop emphasised topics like ‘How to teach addition of whole numbers with CPA approach’, Richard Skemp’s conceptual understanding, Zoltan Dienes’ exploratory approach, along with the theories of Jean Piaget and Lev Vygotsky. The focus was on inculcating the theories into the teaching approaches to boost the understanding of mathematics and strengthen the problem-solving skill of an individual. The session by Mr Brandon Oh got rave reviews from the attendees and was applauded for throwing light on the crucial theories that lead to confidence building in learners trying to master the fundamentals of Math.


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