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ACT ramps up Face to Face Training with TEFL In-class Program in Bangkok

30th May 2022

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) is back with its TEFL in-class program in Bangkok, Thailand after what seems like a decade! Post-pandemic, as the world is catapulting back to normalcy, ACT is not far behind and is planning to increase in-class training programs in Thailand.

ACT’s TEFL in-class program in Bangkok is the perfect program for those looking for a combined experience of a TEFL course with an exotic holiday. Heading to one of the most vibrant cities of South East Asia, seems to be the apt thing if one is eyeing learning with travelling. The course will be held in Bangkok, a melting pot of cultures, which never fails to provide the trainees with a global exposure. The trainees hailing from different backgrounds get the expert guidance of ACT’s accomplished trainer/s and support staff throughout the program that results in a training experience to remember forever.

TEFL Bangkok program provides the opportunity to travel and learn simultaneously. Trainees can also choose to extend their stay and avail the great opportunity to look for jobs with ACT extending placement assistance. TEFL Bangkok paves the way for a successful career in teaching English abroad which is a great way to explore one’s teaching career and have amazing experiences as they step out of their comfort zone to travel the world and make a living all at the same time. 


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