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Crystal Jubilee marks a Significant Milestone on ACTs Journey of Teaching and Touching Lives

9th April 2022

Asian College of Teachers completes its 15-year long eventful journey of preparing global educators and playing an active role in providing teacher training programs at par with the global standards of teacher education. The glorious journey of 15 years was not like taking the elevator, rather it was like taking the stairs; one step at a time. With each step ACT went through sea changes and growth alike, which strengthened its mission to help shape the field of teacher training and professional development of teachers and trainers.

The journey from scratch was not easy, if not for the visionary leadership of Dr Sanjib Chakraborty, Founder and Chairman who led the way and made ACT as it is today replete with robust 21st century curriculum, 100+ courses and 600+ school network across Asia. ACT is still striving towards preparing the next generation teaching workforce, equipped with the latest pedagogy and a holistic approach that requires high-quality training to teach the 21st century learners. With over 25 years of experience in the education sector, Dr Chakraborty established the institution that went through many ups and downs but overcame all the hurdles to emerge a winner in the end. Over the years, ACT has collected applauds and appreciation for its work and stands as a multiple-award winning institution recognized by over 20 education bodies globally. With several accomplished educators on Board of Academics strengthening its endeavour in creating an excellent and able teaching workforce, ACT boasts of a strong alumni base of 50,000+ students that led ACT to emerge as an outstanding teacher training organisation in Asia for providing tailor-made courses and transforming aspiring teachers/trainers into expert teaching professionals.

The journey comprised various challenges and accolades, from student success stories to enterprising partnerships, winning hearts to students from across the globe, ACT is always bursting with inspiration and objective to continue taking the route to educate and empower outstanding global educators, education managers and educational entrepreneurs with the potential to develop competences and showcase their skills on the global platform of teaching. As ACT celebrates its Crystal Jubilee, it is charged with enthusiasm and ideas to transform the field of teacher education keeping in mind the needs of the educators and learners alike.


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