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ACT tops the Higher Education Digest list of 10 Must-Watch Online Learning Providers in India

19th January 2022

Asian College of Teachers gets another moment to rejoice as it is thrilled to announce that Asian College of Teachers (ACT), the leader in teacher training and education in Asia, has been featured in Higher Education Digest in the ‘10 Must-Watch Online Learning Providers in India’ category for upskilling educators across the globe. This appreciation speaks volumes about the unmatched contribution of ACT led by Dr Sanjib Chakraborty, Founder & Chairman, who is a visionary leader and an ardent educator, designing programs to enhance the development of the teaching workforce by preparing them for any global classroom and to adapt to the current learning environment and being able to create engaging virtual classroom settings. Going by his words and belief, “We aim to produce future teaching/training experts with a unique set of abilities to teach learners from diverse backgrounds.” 

ACT has always been known for its superior teaching and training programs under the excellent leadership of Dr Sanjib Chakraborty. Higher Education Digest has applauded ACT for always being committed to making a learner’s journey outstanding by providing an actively engaged experience by integrating ICT into the course design and connecting teachers through user-friendly LMS. This acknowledgement is another leap for the institution to make teacher education accessible to teaching aspirants, working teaching professionals and educational leaders by designing the courses in an innovative manner and framing the curriculum with a focus on skill building and modern teaching methods. ACT will continue with its best efforts to support educators to develop their skills and capabilities to be able to make a difference in the lives of their learners.

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