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ACTs Engaging Course Topic Specific Videos bring a New Dimension to Teacher Training

7th January 2022

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has always given immense importance to student experience and has been working relentlessly to impart training that prepares reflective educators. ACT has been adding an array of relevant topic specific videos in its Learning Management System, to provide trainees with visual content besides textual content. The videos explore and explain varied areas of study and address the different learning styles of visual, auditory and kinesthetic learners, making the learning of trainees impactful.

The videos are designed by ACT academic experts with an aim to offer an enhanced comprehension of the course topic/s by the trainees. Trainees would highly benefit from these videos as these aid them in gaining knowledge, developing skills and improving the quality of their teaching as they learn visually and try to implement the same method as teachers in their classrooms to make learning fun and engaging for 21st century learners. Feedbacks from trainees regarding the videos have been very positive and quite resourceful at the same time which further helps in improving the content and making it more ‘topic-specific’ which are sure to assist them in further understanding and grasping the course content.

ACT, the Asian leader teacher training, has been constantly on the lookout to assist teaching professionals to stay updated in their field, consequentially improving their chances to be highly efficient and make it big in the teaching world. ACT leaves no stones unturned to bring out the best in its trainees and will continue to improve its resources to amplify the teaching-learning process.



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