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ACTs Webinar on Value Based Education receives Rave Reviews from Participants

8th December 2021

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) conducted an engaging webinar on ‘Value Based Education’ which was facilitated by Ms. Ruby Verghese, an experienced educator and presently, vice-principal of a reputed school in Mumbai on 3rd December, 2021.

The live online session explored the varied life skills that are a vital part of education along with topics like need for life skills in education, types and application of life skills, ways to teach and prepare lesson plans based on life skills, benefits and importance of life skills in education etc. The focus was on inculcating values which develop life skills and strengthen the character of an individual to meet the challenges of daily life and aid them in becoming productive members of the society apart from making them self-aware. The session by Ms. Verghese garnered rave reviews from the participants and was applauded for throwing light on an important aspect of education today that lead to confidence building in learners and help them develop thinking and problem-solving skills. The participants gained requisite knowledge regarding ‘Value Based Education’ and its significance as a tool for 21st century educators, who must have a good understanding of how to inculcate life skills in their learners especially in today’s highly competitive globalized world.


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