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ACT conducted a Successful Webinar on Design Thinking for Teaching Professionals

25th November 2021

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) conducted a successful webinar on ‘How to Incorporate Design Thinking into Your Units and Lessons’ which was facilitated by an international educator, Ms. Jennifer Schmidt (MA TESOL, New York; MBA Entrepreneurship, Spain; Teaching Certification in Music and TESOL, New York; BA Music Theory and Composition, New York) on 19th November, 2021.

The hands-on live online session on design thinking threw light on the subject and introduced it as a very useful and versatile tool that can be used in any classroom to understand learners using creative and critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. In the session, the participants got a hold on the idea of design thinking as a 5-step process that aids learners in empathising with a person, community, or situation, define limitations, brainstorm ways of solving a problem or improving something, create a plan, prototype, or proposal, and finally testing how the plan or prototype works. Ms. Schmidt stressed on the fact that design thinking is a useful tool for all teaching professionals in the primary, secondary, and higher education fields. It is quite beneficial for subject teachers as well as language teachers and can be used for single lessons or as a blueprint for a project. The participants got an in-depth idea regarding design thinking and its implementation as a tool in the classroom for a better teaching and learning experience for teachers and learners alike.


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