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ACTs Bijoya Sammilani 2021 kept the spirit of togetherness alive amidst dire times

23rd October 2021

Maintaining its tradition, Asian College of Teachers celebrated Bijoya Sammilani at its Kolkata office on 21st October with an appeal to shine brighter even in the most dire and darker times. Bijoya Sammilani is celebrated to mark the end of Durga Puja festivities and celebrate the spirit of togetherness along with mandatory Bijoya treat. The celebration was held in accordance with the COVID protocols and also in a virtual mode to include those who are working remotely.  

Though the celebration this year was a small one compared to pre-pandemic years, it involved active participation from ACT members comprising beautiful recitation, melodious songs and graceful dance. It was a day when all attendees were decked up in their traditional attire, putting in the best effort to look their cultural best. We at ACT, look forward to such celebrations to celebrate our traditions with pride as the atmosphere becomes lively and full of fun with everyone rejoicing the good times and celebrating with the hope in their hearts for the brighter days ahead.  


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