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ACT Conducts A Remarkable Training Session for Futuristic Edu Initiative Hyderabad

4th September 2021

Dr Sanjib Chakraborty, Founder, Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and an educator par excellence successfully conducted a 4-day (31st August – 3rd September, 2021) training session on Education Management & Leadership for a group of 10 teacher leaders from Futuristic Edu Initiative, Hyderabad. The session aimed to equip the participants with the skills for the smooth handling of institutional operations, stressing on managing resources adeptly along with their professional development.

The virtual live session has been designed with the objective to prepare 21st century educational professionals capable of fulfilling the demand for accomplished and skilled administrators adept at making a positive transformation in the learning atmosphere within an institution.

The session was quite an interactive one with the facilitator, Dr Chakraborty sharing knowledge and experience with the attendees, so that they can prepare for careers of leadership and bring in innovation in teaching. The working professionals from the teaching/administrative departments actively shared their thoughts, developed skills and expanded their insights into the various aspects of institutional management and leadership. The participants agreed that the strategies they picked from the session will surely help them in their endeavour of creating a better learning experience for their learners and building positive educational environment.


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