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Centre for Training and Professional Development conducted A Successful Training Session for IDBI India

28th August 2021

Centre for Training and Professional Development (CTPD), the corporate training wing of Asian College of Teachers (ACT), conducted a 3-day training session (25th – 27th August, 2021) for 50 staff members of IDBI India.

Earlier, we had announced that ACT has bagged a year-long prestigious training collaboration with IDBI India, of which, this was ACT’s overall 4th batch with them and 2nd batch on Train the Trainer (TTT). The attendees were all subject matter experts from JNIBF (Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Banking & Finance), IDBI India holding esteemed designations of General Manager, Assistant General Manager and Training Manager. The sessions were specifically designed for these senior professionals keeping in mind their requirements. CTPD, the corporate training wing of Asian College of Teachers (ACT), received accolades and appreciation after the successful completion of the training.

The virtual training mainly focused on training delivery, designing and ROI which are quite crucial in enhancing employee performance and, more significantly, boost business outcomes. Most of the trainings get delivered as planned and are normally tracked for registrations and timely completions. Today every organization realizes the fact that learning and professional development are the keys to producing and retaining a highly productive workforce and IDBI is no exception. We, at CTPD, are of similar view and believe that Learning and Development is a vital aspect of professional education and development and we help organizations plan and implement training courses, workshops or events to attain the set goals and objectives.


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