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The trademark of ASIAN COLLEGE OF TEACHERS has been registered in the UK

18th August 2021

We are glad to announce  that after India and Thailand, the trademark of ASIAN COLLEGE OF TEACHERS has been registered in the UK and this mark has been registered in respect of Education services, Academy education services, Certification in relation to educational awards, Educational services relating to management and Training of teachers. Dr Sanjib Chakraborty – Founder of ACT has been working relentlessly on establishing the presence and reputation of ACT on an international platform as a truly global institution working with diverse international bodies and collaborating with educational experts around the world. This trademark has further strengthened his vision of ACT as a global teacher training institution. Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has been leading teacher training in Asia since its inception in 2007 and over the years ACT has been entering strategic alliances with high-quality national and international partners which have helped grow its international footprint. Team ACT continues to put in the best efforts to enhance the global profile and provide excellence through its myriad courses to teaching aspirants, working teachers and educational leaders across the globe.



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