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Asian College of Teachers successfully places its students as IELTS Trainers

23rd June 2021

Asian College of Teachers (ACT) has successfully placed its 8 students as IELTS trainers at IELTS Material, the most trusted and largest platform for IELTS Preparation. The students got placement after completing ACT TEFL/TESOL and Master Trainer Programs. The courses have not only enhanced their skills but increased their employability taking their teaching career to a new level. The students are confident to apply what they have learnt at ACT to a real job. IELTS Material selected ACT students on the basis of their proficiency and knowledge gained as part of their training at ACT which matched the criteria for teaching learners from various backgrounds across the globe. With the pandemic hitting globally, there's been a noticeable decline in the employment sector since last year. Post lockdown, India has also witnessed recession, salary cut, unemployment and severe depression among people. Overcoming all these barriers, ACT placement cell is striving to meet the career goals of our candidates along with supporting them by providing maximum possible job opportunities as a secure job is what matters most amidst the current, unprecedented situation. Apart from carrying on with online and live online training, ACT has been designing a complete training package where the students become skilled educators and get industry ready who can face any interview confidently. ACT will continue to successfully place its students in institutions of repute and strengthen its endeavour in training and placing its students.


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