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ECA and APER design an exclusive logo for Asian College of Teachers

11th June 2021

The Early Childhood Association (ECA) and Association for Primary Education and Research (APER) have designed an exclusive logo for Asian College of Teachers (ACT), thus portraying ECAís faith in ACT and paving the way for a robust collaboration in the future. ACT is both delighted and thankful to ECA for making an effort to express genuine interest in ACT and acknowledging ACTís contribution in the field of teacher training and early childhood education. ECA, whose aim is to reach out with all the endeavours for childhood initiatives and child rights, is a national body registered in April 2011 in Mumbai with the intention of bringing together professionals in the field of early childhood education in the interest of the young child. This association has 48 territories all over India and is a non-profit Association (MRM-1082. 2011-G.B.B.S.D.). It is that one stop connection needed by all for the enrichment, networking, awareness, and advocacy of childhood and everything that affects it. Association for Primary Education and Research (APER), is a body created by the ECA, which aims to bring together all stakeholders involved in the education of children from 6 to 10 years. Their memberships range from School members, individual members, parent members, Patron Principals, Corporate members, NGO members, and advisory members.


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