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Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Check out what our trainees have to say about the course. Their feedback accounts the aspects they most enjoyed about the course and also the challenges they faced. This can help our future trainees to understand our course better. Happy viewing !
    Student Feedback
  • Aneerban Chatterjee
    Aneerban Chatterjee
    Young Learners Teacher Training
    Post On : 11-04-2018

    .....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................short and sweet.

  • Poornima Balachandra
    Poornima Balachandra
    360 Hours Diploma in Teaching & Training with TEFL
    Post On : 11-04-2018
    Bangalore, India

    It was an interesting experience to understand the different aspects. I was hoping to understand the content better with the help of videos however, it did not lay well. I am hoping that the course will help kick start the avenue that i am looking to enter.

  • Garima Rastogi
    Garima Rastogi
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 09-04-2018
    India , delhi

    have learnt few things from this course ,want to apply that now practically with students, as i have taken an offline course i used to find it bit boring sometimes , but those videos uploaded of different teachers have helped me a lot . now i want to apply for a job in abroad and will surely use the techniques learnt in this course

    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 09-04-2018

    It was a fun filled learning process. I have learnt and explore a lot .New methods of teaching , various activities , methods to deal with different learners, selection of study material , various language enhancement program were the fascinating factors of this course which i have enjoyed a lot.

  • Reshu Gupta
    Reshu Gupta
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 08-04-2018
    Germany , Mönchengladbach

    I enrolled the course and everything was smooth and super quick.l.Enrolling team was reachable and that too in late hours too and helped me in getting all my credentials and material access quickly . Lessons. MCQ and assignment were all given so that one can study in its own pace. I started studying in my pace and completed first phase in week time. (Giving 10 hours daily). Evaluation of mid term happened within designated timelines and authorisation of phase2 was also given on time. However the only thing which I didn't like is phase 1 content was not accessible during phase 2. Phase 2 was completed and evaltion happen and finally now I am TEFL certified. Overall it was satisfied and would recommend others too.

  • Ritu sachdeva
    Ritu sachdeva
    360 Hours Diploma in Teaching & Training with TEFL
    Post On : 07-04-2018

    My experience was very good.Content is very good.Valuable feedback is given by tutor.Which help to enhance our knowledge.Communication is very clear and to the point.Very help in self development.All the area's of teaching and training is covered.Tutor was very good and helpful always willing to help.

  • Shruti Amith Iyer
    Shruti Amith Iyer
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 07-04-2018
    India, Mumbai

    Develop a passion for learning .If you do , you will never cease to grow. No one can ever say they have learnt everything about something there is always scope for learning and improvement. The day we say we have learnt everything that very moment you have closed the doors for learning .This course helped me improve myself and my quality of teaching

  • Deepika B
    Deepika B
    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 05-04-2018
    India and Salem

    had a good experience by doing my TEFL course..learnt a lot..had a very good experience on doing this course..on seeing the videos i was able to improve my accent..and the way to handle a class..the course coordinators helped me well..they replied for my doubts clearly and patiently..

  • Melinda
    Young Learners Teacher Training
    Post On : 30-03-2018
    South Africa

    I enjoyed working with the Asian College of Teachers. I found the information valuable. It has been beneficial in helping me build upon my knowledge as a teacher. I recommend the 220 hour TEFL Diploma with Specialization in Young Learners Program strongly. Thank-you to the Asian College of Teachers.

  • Prachi Kadam
    Prachi Kadam
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 24-03-2018
    India and Mumbai

    In start i was happy to get proper consultation from Sayantika. After 3 days of my Login i was not able to get quick response from Course coordinator. I understand she has other students also to cater but as i was not able to proceed to other paragraphs i preferred most of the explanation from google.

  • Kiranjeet Kaur
    Kiranjeet Kaur
    360 Hours Diploma in Teaching & Training with TEFL
    Post On : 22-03-2018
    India, New Delhi

    I have learned so many new things and all these things are really going to help me a lot in my professional life. I have already implemented so many new methods learned and the outcome was amazing. This course has given me a deeper insight of how I can explore more opportunities in training itself.

  • Tehseen Rasheed
    Tehseen Rasheed
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 21-03-2018

    Total experience was good.Excellence is an art won by this training. It is a job training empower people to realise their dreams and improve their lives.This course is worthy for the students who wants make their career in English Language. Developing Skills is as important as training, A larger effort is needed to create a skilled workforce with employment potential.

  • Shubhi Tandon
    Shubhi Tandon
    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 21-03-2018

    Its a very useful certificate . My main purpose of doing this course is to become a certified online TEFL English teacher to teach students from various countries and become more confident in teaching.

  • chandan singh
    Chandan singh
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 19-03-2018
    India (Delhi)

    as the twig is bend so shall the tree grow..with dedication zeal enthusiasm we can achieve anything ... as success is like our shadow if we try to catch it we cannot always move ahead and our success will follow us like our shadow

  • Rachel Robison
    Rachel Robison
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 17-03-2018
    Saint George, United States of America

    This experience enabled me to gain skills and be more appreciative of the skills I already possessed.

  • Arnab Chaudhuri
    Arnab Chaudhuri
    360 Hours Diploma in Teaching & Training with TEFL
    Post On : 13-03-2018

    It was a great experience. I was nervous at the beginning but the course structure is so user friendly and the coordinators are so helpful that all my fears soon vanished away in thin air. Overall it was a great and quite an enriching experience and made me wiser. the course was easy to follow with a formulated course structure. It has enhanced my level of confidence. And I know now how to plan my classes in a proper manner.

  • Farida Nawaz Khan
    Farida Nawaz Khan
    Post Graduate Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 13-03-2018
    India, Hyderabad

    Learning is a life long process that enriches your work experience and equips you with required tools in academic environment.Looking beyond the present will help us to deal with the challenges that we may encounter in life whether social or educational.

  • Dilshaad Banu Vinod
    Dilshaad Banu Vinod
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 10-03-2018
    Bengaluru, India

    The course was very beneficial in that it helped me improve my teaching skills, as well as my confidence. However, there were a few shortcomings that I mentioned in my answers to the various questions in this survery.

    Business English Teacher Training
    Post On : 09-03-2018
    Pune India

    excellent experience ! the entire course content is well organised and prepared for the best inputs and skills. The assignments are also well defined and actually makes one to think and prepare it thoughtfully which in terms gives extra knowledge tot he learner. the classroom techniques and teaching skills, grammar and course content helps the learner to get precise knowledge about the subject and the course

  • Mary Estes
    Mary Estes
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 08-03-2018
    Seoul, South Korea

    It was honestly stressful trying to complete this course while working full-time and studying another language (Korean) in addition. I almost didn't finish and used up my six months, but I finally buckled down and worked on my midterm and end term assignments when they came up. I would read through each phase as much as I could during my free time at work, and I could take time to ponder them and figure out how to use them in the classroom. It wasn't easy, but I did it and I feel much better because of it.

  • Aarati Shah
    Aarati Shah
    Teaching English Grammar
    Post On : 08-03-2018
    mumbai India

    My experience was good. I got follow-up regarding payment as well as logging in the course. But i was expecting that the course will give me deep knowledge, which was missing. Course covered all the topics of English Grammer in short , it should be dicussed in detail with more examples and videos.

  • Himanshi Singh
    Himanshi Singh
    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 08-03-2018

    I quietly enjoyed my journey with this course. I have developed a new approach towards teaching. I always thought, it was a boring and monotonous job, but now am very much aware of it's importance and valuable outlook.

  • Evangeline Keswani
    Evangeline Keswani
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 08-03-2018
    Kowloon, Hong Kong

    Glad to have gone through this course . Great experience and learned a lot about lesson planning and classroom management. This course has allowed me to boost my teaching skills and apply it in classroom.

  • Reagan Lyons
    Reagan Lyons
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 03-03-2018
    U.S, Houston

    I really enjoyed the experience and I can’t wait to put my newly acquired skills to use. I appreciate all the help

  • Ruquia Bibi Simmi
    Ruquia Bibi Simmi
    Business English Teacher Training
    Post On : 01-03-2018

    Learning is a contentious process. No matter were you are,what age and place you are in. Feedback are not to let us down but to keep us focused on what to improve.So never stop learning. and speaking

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