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Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Check out what our trainees have to say about the course. Their feedback accounts the aspects they most enjoyed about the course and also the challenges they faced. This can help our future trainees to understand our course better. Happy viewing !
    Student Feedback
  • Himani Sharma
    Himani Sharma
    360 Hours Diploma in Teaching & Training with TEFL
    Post On : 13-02-2018

    Intially due to my professional work load,I thought it would not be possible for me to complete this programme but with the constant motivation,support and Guidance of Ms.Avantika and Ms.Joseph.I could I achieve my highest Credential of 360 hrs of Diploma in Teaching and Training with Specialization in much sought after qualification of TESOL.It was stressful at times to move from one phase to another due to Assignments and MCQs, but still I feel delighted to have finally acquired a new Qualification/Skill.

  • Moonmee Das Chakrabarty
    Moonmee Das Chakrabarty
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 12-02-2018
    India, Bangalore

    My experience with ACT while doing my TEFL/TESOL course has been very enriching. I really enjoyed doing the course. It was precise, knowledgeable,innovative and dynamic. The objectives and learning outcomes of each and every phase was concise and clear which incorporated a wide range of knowledge and skills. Best part was the convenience of doing it from home at a flexible schedule. My course co-ordinator had been extremely helpful and very prompt in answering any of my queries and guiding me through. A very practical course with interesting topics that has definitely met my expectations and was doing worthwhile. Good use of examples to elaborate on a topic, not just theory. I have gained a wide range of information and I look forward to utilize it in my work life.

    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 08-02-2018
    Guntur,Andhra Pradesh,India.

    The course was very helpful...Good response from the support staff always...course content is awesome..totally this course improved my teaching skills In a short span of time I was able to learn a lot .

  • Samantha McDonald
    Samantha McDonald
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 08-02-2018
    United States Ames, IA

    The Asian College of Teacher's TESOL course was a great start to my coming journey as a teacher. The course was organized in a way that allowed me to acquire and build my knowledge in a field that I had no previous experience in. I now have the knowledge and confidence to start a new career and life path.

  • Margaret Bernard
    Margaret Bernard
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 07-02-2018
    India and Goa

    "Experiences in life teaches us new lessons every day and our self confidence helps us to overcome challenges." The main purpose to learn English professionally as to become an English Teacher and teach English for a native and non native speaker in country or abroad wherever I feel I can utilize my teaching ability. Therefore, I thank Asian College of Teachers for the excellent opportunities to be well trained teacher by their training program that helped me a lot and also taught me more about TESOL and its various uses. Thank you

  • Dipesh Deep Arora
    Dipesh Deep Arora
    360 Hours Diploma in Teaching & Training with TEFL
    Post On : 06-02-2018

    My experience with ACT has been excellent. Especially the quick evaluations and apt feedbacks for the assignments was one of the reasons which helped me complete a 12 month course in 6 months. so i am very thankful to my evaluators. the course content and online support was also brilliant. overall everything from the course content to the evaluator and online support in ACT is excellent.

  • Francis Vaz
    Francis Vaz
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 05-02-2018
    India, Nasik

    It was a wonderful experience doing this course. I learnt a lot of things and many things that I'd learnt in the past and were forgotten. These things were recalled. It helped me use English language in a better manner. It has helped me develop my english communication and teaching skills.

  • mehmuda nasiri
    Mehmuda nasiri
    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 02-02-2018
    india (mumbai)

    for me it was at first excitment but as i started with the course i was not much happy as for me nothing was new as a experienced teacher all the things i received througt access was know to me there was nothing new and exciting was there the only thing i thing that the international certificate will help me getting job in schools abroad.

  • Joseph   Udoka Ezeh
    Joseph Udoka Ezeh
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 30-01-2018

    Good teachers don't just teach, they enhance and facilitate learning, recognizing the uniqueness of their service is the motivation which comes within and keeps them going. Mr. Joseph Udoka Ezeh.

  • Ariel L Craine
    Ariel L Craine
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 30-01-2018
    United States

    This experience helped me develop confidence in myself as a future educator. It challenged me to put everything I learned into practice and the subsequent feedback allowed for reflection and greater understanding of ways to improve. All in all, I am very pleased with this course.

    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 30-01-2018

    I was always searching for a course like TESOL. because I wanted to be a trainner for Spoken English and Neutral accent and now I think I'll have the certificate to teach and I'm realizing that whatever I learn from this course if I use then I'll get better result than I got without this. so, it was a very good experience of knowing the technique that put inside the course.

  • Lindsey Blake Blum
    Lindsey Blake Blum
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 27-01-2018
    United States

    Throughout this experience, I was able to learn the proper techniques for teaching English as a second language. I learned how to make sure my class is paying attention, my students are understanding the concepts I am teaching, and how to keep them involved in the lesson. I have also learned how to make a successful lesson plan that will help the students understand to the concept while still being able to have fun and interact with each other. This course has taught me valuable problem solving skills for the classroom that will benefit me as I work for years to come.

  • Nimsor Ramung
    Nimsor Ramung
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 23-01-2018
    Manipur, India

    It has been a delightful experience with my TEFL course. I've found regenerative aspects of teaching and learning and how it had been very useful and positive for everyone who wants to teach and learn english as a second language. Content courses for every learner's language level were interesting with all the variety of activities. This course has opened me wider knowledge on teaching- learning processes in many ways. I believe every teacher aspirants regardless of teaching any streams and subjects will find a course such as this to be very helpful and a great resource for providing students with the necessary aids in learning.

  • Suneeta Chuamon
    Suneeta Chuamon
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 21-01-2018

    Teaching for last 17 years, taking this course helped me to know that most stuff and activities that I was doing were correct gave me one satisfaction that I am faithful to my profession and not misleading my students.

  • sonali tuli
    Sonali tuli
    360 Hours Diploma in Teaching & Training with TEFL
    Post On : 21-01-2018
    India and Delhi

    It was great and wonderful experience for me and it was an add on to my knowledge and qualification. It includes various advanced methods of teaching, principal of education and child psychology too that could help in enhancement of teaching skills.

  • Maria Rosario Mercado
    Maria Rosario Mercado
    360 Hours Diploma in Teaching & Training with TEFL
    Post On : 20-01-2018

    It was intense since I completed it in such a short time but also very enriching. I learned so many valuable concepts and feel that I'm an even better teacher/trainer. I have a better understanding of each role and feel capable of taking on a higher position. The course prepares you for everything in the world of education.

  • Allison Baird
    Allison Baird
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 19-01-2018
    United States, Gilbert

    It was a wonderful learnining experienced that opened up my mind to how students perceive things as well as learn what kind of activities students prefer depending on the age rate. It allows me to come up with many variations of lesson plans and ways to get studentd to open up and be more comfortable in a classroom environment.

  • Pragyan Paramita Pattnaik
    Pragyan Paramita Pattnaik
    Post Graduate Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 16-01-2018
    India, Bhubaneswar

    The course was really interesting. I was able to use substantial material from the course to improve my class room teaching.This course gave a theoretical base to my understanding of English Language teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed doing all the assignments of the course.

  • David Coulston
    David Coulston
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 14-01-2018
    Thailand Samut Prakan

    A very positive and enlightening experience. I am looking forward to teaching English to Thai students. I have been tutoring a small group of children and adults to gain experience. I have changed the way I teach several times, always trying to Improve things. The Thai students I taught are probably no different than the larger classes i will come across in a school. Learning English as a second language is very difficult as they have no immediate need for English in their lives and they get no practice once they leave the classroom. A teacher needs to figure out a way to get the students exited about learning English. This is by no means easy. I will keep altering my teaching by trial and error to develop the best outcome.

    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 14-01-2018
    New Delhi, India

    Before starting and paying the fee, I was in dilemma whether it is fake or real, it will be beneficial for me or money would waste. But now after completing the course I am really happy. The whole course was really informative and overwhelming experience genuinely. The materials were awesome and full of teaching methodology. After completing the course I came to know the real meaning of Teacher and Teaching. Course duration was 8 months but I completed it only in 3 months. All my assignments were evaluated on the with good feedback and suggestions. Over all it was very nice experience.

  • Mark Deibert
    Mark Deibert
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 05-01-2018
    Seoul, South Korea

    This course has been very helpful in my pursuit to improve my teaching credibility. I feel I have a much better understanding of my students and the material and how I can approach the material I am using to get the most out of it.

  • Lacy Dare
    Lacy Dare
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 04-01-2018
    United States of America, West Palm Beach

    This TEFL/TESOL course was exactly what I needed to prepare to teach EFL. I was very nervous about teaching because I have zero experience. Since taking this course I find I am less nervous and actually very excited to use what I have learned in the classroom.

  • Meena Singh
    Meena Singh
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 03-01-2018
    India, New Delhi

    i had a wonderful experience because i never knew that i would learn so many things about teaching which was new to me . it was very exiting especially when doing the MCQS and assignment i have learnt a lot thank you.

  • Jasmine Brown
    Jasmine Brown
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 29-12-2017
    United States

    It was an enjoyable experience and very thorough with what the course was meant to teach. This makes the course easy and teaches you exactly what you need without random information you don't need.

  • Dorothy Carroll
    Dorothy Carroll
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 26-12-2017
    United States

    Informative, easy to follow, and provides necessary training for teaching English, as well as a well-rounded overview of not just teaching conduct but classroom management for classrooms of all ages.

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