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Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Check out what our trainees have to say about the course. Their feedback accounts the aspects they most enjoyed about the course and also the challenges they faced. This can help our future trainees to understand our course better. Happy viewing !
    Student Feedback
  • Eleanor G.A.Sah
    Eleanor G.A.Sah
    Post Graduate Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 30-07-2017
    India, Asansol

    The journey and experience with ACT has been a very pleasant one. Prompt replies and valued feedback was highly appreciated. Being able to submit assignments at ones own pace was a relief especially if one has to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. The satisfaction of having achieved such a respected qualification has given a boost to my confidence and the impetus to further enhance my career. Thank you!

  • gathala prashanth kumar
    Gathala prashanth kumar
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 25-07-2017
    india, hyderabad

    helped me fullful my dream in a short time promptly, would really like to sign-up an upgrade course with the same college, thanks for everything will certainly be helpfull in my future intentions and plans. provided material is very much useful to enhance my knowledge and skills.being as teacher i can not spare lot of time going to college but definitly useful for me and fulfilled my dream and professional requirement by online tutoring and online course. thanks for every thing.

  • Saurabh Saklani
    Saurabh Saklani
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 25-07-2017
    India (Dehradun)

    The experience has been amazing as I always wanted to teach and learn the language teaching skills. I learned a lot about the classroom environment and behavioral aspects of students etc. Course content was very helpful and assignments were helful to gain practical knowledge about the course content.

    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 23-07-2017
    India and Chennai

    I had a wonderful learning experience. the course has changed the perspective of ESL teaching and learning. I will definitely inculcate all the learning aspects in my ESL classroom teaching for a holistic language development

  • Daman Nath Adhikari
    Daman Nath Adhikari
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 22-07-2017
    Bhutan, Thimphu

    After completing my 120 hour TEFL program I have now become a confident, knowledgeable and an experienced tutor. TEFL doesn't only focus on language learning but teaches the ethics and responsibilities one should have. This program provided a lot more than what I expected. It not only broadened my language teaching skills but made me a better, wiser and a learned person.

  • Ghada Alsaket
    Ghada Alsaket
    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 21-07-2017
    Saudi Arabia

    Teaching how to teach is a craft. I learnt that teaching is a skill that no one easily possesses. It needs hard work and experience. I feel how I'm distinguished comparing to my old self before learning how to teach. I learnt how some of my plans or acts were wrong and how to correct them. I'm excited to teach again in the coming year to see how I'm improved and how I became a better teacher.

  • Sejal Kapadiya
    Sejal Kapadiya
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 21-07-2017
    China , yiwu

    It was good experience. Something very new and different to know and learn about as I don't come from teaching by ground. I am very happy to learn new things and plan to continue my learning journey. If things work out great for me than I may will consider for high level courses for ACT as I was very comfortable doing online course. It give you time and your own space to teaches you a lot of things. I am very happy and I would recommend everyone if you are busy work or busy in your personal life online is the best course you can do and you won't feel bad about not attending the class as the videos do the work . I really loved it. I managed my house daughter and my studies all at home. Thanks for such a good experience.

    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 20-07-2017
    TAIWAN Taoyuan

    My exam is very nervous. And my study is very rich . Although it is not very easy , I got very much . I like this course and the content is very good. I am happy that I can learn online and didn't use too much time to gain my effort.

  • Nicolas Silva
    Nicolas Silva
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 17-07-2017
    United States

    The course is informative and provides teaching insights that have improved my style of teaching, while also giving me the opportunity to branch out further as a teacher

  • Maria Manuel Uaiene Ssmuel
    Maria Manuel Uaiene Ssmuel
    Young Learners Teacher Training
    Post On : 16-07-2017
    Doha qatar

    It was a really good experience learning online, I could manage my work and school very well and I guess that was really good.The feedback that I got from all assignments also brings this close connection of being in a actual classroom and that is really good cause I don't have to actually be in school to learn.

    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 13-07-2017
    India, Tanjore

    I had great learning experience from this course. It helped me in enhancing my skills and upgrading the lesson plans. It was pleasure learning new concepts and methodologies. Now I can use the new techniques learned and enhance them in future teaching. I also appreciate the course coordinator for her continuous support.

  • Anuja Bhor
    Anuja Bhor
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 11-07-2017
    India, Mumbai

    TEFL certification course from Asian college of Teaching was really a worth pay experience. It has made me a better teacher and also has given me exposure to different techniques. Writing the assignments gave me a practice of making and drafting lesson plans. The feedback given by the coordinator was really helpful for me to. Improve my skills more

    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 04-07-2017

    The entire course was clear and crisp and well laid out. It was a smooth sail this past one year. Would like to thank my mentor and coordinator for the same. My doubts were cleared immediately and so was all my assignments and markings.

  • Manojkumar Kothandapani
    Manojkumar Kothandapani
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 03-07-2017

    This course provided me a chance to identify myself as a teacher, upgrade my strategies and prepare myself accordingly to the needs of students. This is another feather to my cap which have accredited me to be a language trainer.

  • kritika sabharwal
    Kritika sabharwal
    Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 03-07-2017

    Learning is the eye of mind. Never thought there will be so much to english language teaching. though i have opted for online diploma tesol course but the course content was upto the remark and helped me in achieving all the necessary information related to english language teaching. i would love to thank my coordinator for evaluating my assignment and giving honest feedback which helped me throughout my course. it was a great learning experience at asian college of teachers.

  • jigiha mall
    Jigiha mall
    Post Graduate Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 01-07-2017

    life time learning ..looking forward to more experiences like this in future.The modules covered in this course are very useful. .Business English was the only challanging part for me which I also found interesting at the same time.

  • Nakita Vang
    Nakita Vang
    140 Hour Integrated TESOL/TEFL Program inclusive of 20 Hour Teaching Practicum
    Post On : 22-06-2017
    United States

    I had a lot of worries at first but the material is easy to understand and the coordinators are so helpful and understanding!

  • Pooja  Lalwani
    Pooja Lalwani
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 22-06-2017

    I was very eager to do the TESOL course as it is the basic requirement for teaching English to non native speakers abroad .I hope to incorporate and use the knowledge gained through this course in my teaching career .

  • Christina Nguyen
    Christina Nguyen
    140 Hour Integrated TESOL/TEFL Program inclusive of 20 Hour Teaching Practicum
    Post On : 22-06-2017
    United States

    I had a great experience with ACT while working on my TEFL certification. The coordinators were attentive and replied back fast. They always did their best to help me with my questions and request. I enjoyed the freedom I had while completing this course.

  • Taylor Dittmar
    Taylor Dittmar
    120 Hour Certificate in TESOL/TEFL Program
    Post On : 21-06-2017
    United States

    I really enjoyed this class and I thought it was presented perfectly to someone who is newer to teaching. After completing the course I feel really encouraged and excited to get started teaching and building a relationship with my classes.

  • Tasmia Malik
    Tasmia Malik
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 20-06-2017
    United kingdom

    Overall its been great i was nervous and now full of excitment. Really looking forwad for teaching internationaly. I feel i have gained the confidencce and skills to teach in a classroom and really pin down my skills. I want to thank the asian teachers of college for this wonderfull easy going course which is very flexible and really worth the effort and cost. Thank you all for your support and helping me in finding my direction towards the future.

  • Saurabh Kumar
    Saurabh Kumar
    Young Learners Teacher Training
    Post On : 19-06-2017
    India, Baghpat

    This is an excellent place with excellent faculties to enhance the excellence of the teachers. I learnt what i was lacking in my profession. This course made me capable of teaching in better way. I knew the new way of enhanching the skills of the students of English. I learnt how to motivate the students and create interest in study.

  • Mahima
    Young Learners Teacher Training
    Post On : 17-06-2017

    I have an experience of teaching different levels of students. Currently I am teaching secondary class students in a school and pupils of age group 10- 20, separately working on them to improve the areas they lack in. The area of my teaching consist of Spoken English, IELTS preparation, Grammar classes and school syllabus of English communicative.

  • Poonam Misra
    Poonam Misra
    Post Graduate Diploma in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 06-06-2017
    india pune

    The course was very useful got to know more about listening and writing skills.BETT module helped me to understand more about trainees.Young learners help me to know more about group work and how to use modern technology in enhancing teaching skills.

  • Priya Gandhi
    Priya Gandhi
    Certificate in International TESOL Program
    Post On : 04-06-2017
    India and Pune

    It was a great experience, Being a person from english medium , it was a great experience to learn the different aspects of teaching english to someone else. I will be using this skills internationally

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