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Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Check out what our trainees have to say about the course. Their feedback accounts the aspects they most enjoyed about the course and also the challenges they faced. This can help our future trainees to understand our course better. Happy viewing !
    Student Feedback
  • Manasa Kashi
    Manasa Kashi
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 06-11-2017
    India, Bangalore

    Initially, I was not sure how the online course would be designed and also was bit worried if I'll be able to understand the course content or not. But, as and when the course kick started, it was actually very helpful and convenient for me to do along with my current job. Overall, very good experience. I thank my coordinator and the entire team for being very supportive. Thanks !!!

  • Joanne Duran
    Joanne Duran
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 06-11-2017
    Phnom Penh, Cambodia

    This online course helps a lot in time management. The text was written in a very comprehensible manner, but succinct. I am a SEN coordinator/trainer. I work in Footprints International School, Cambodia.

    Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training
    Post On : 06-11-2017

    Very scientifically course material is prepared which help to understand kids behavior and we will know at this age what they will be able to grasp and understand accordingly teachers can prepare study material

  • Rashmi Gupte
    Rashmi Gupte
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 06-11-2017

    The Course by Act definitely helped me gain knowledge in terms of approach towards teaching young kids. The assignments and project work at the end enhanced what is learned through the content. The course is helpful for people aspiring to be a teacher .

  • Supriya Singh Rathore
    Supriya Singh Rathore
    Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training
    Post On : 03-11-2017
    India Bangalore

    I am very happy with the course and the coordination of the coordinator was good as on required time to time and the material provided for the course was really helpful to complete the course and this course has given me more self confidence to handle the children and make them to understand read and write . In Nursery activities are helpful to children and playing games is must. I am working in DRDO KG School. Bangalore.

  • Rushanthika Fernando
    Rushanthika Fernando
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 03-11-2017
    Juffair, Bahrain

    Very Knowledgable course content and challenging Term End Assessment.. Great assistance form Ms. Nina which I really appreciate.

  • Lakshmi Sowmya A
    Lakshmi Sowmya A
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 03-11-2017
    India , Hyderabad

    It is good. It helped me in a way how I have to help my 6 year old kid to make her learning interesting and to understand difficulties and complexity involved.

    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 02-11-2017

    All good about content , evaluation. Only suggestion is to include MOCK assignments before we take up any evaluation Other things are absolutely right.

  • Meghana Singh
    Meghana Singh
    Diploma in Educational Administration and Management
    Post On : 01-11-2017
    India, Bhopal

    I have been in teaching field for past 16 years but this course gave me opportunity to update myself and upgrade my knowledge while doing this course , got to learn leadership skills. also learnt about handling various situations related with parents as well as with teachers.Also it was good learning experience about handling various aspects pf curriculum like framing, content development , role of teacher etc. Also while doing the course did quiet a lot of net searching by which my knowledge enhanced. I had so much in mind to write but at times got restricted to word limit for answer. Overall happy to learn and do the course.

  • Jocelyn Rodrigues
    Jocelyn Rodrigues
    Diploma in Educational Administration and Management
    Post On : 01-11-2017

    When I initially enrolled for the course, I was a bit apprehensive about it. But the study material provided was very well structured and easy to understand. This course helped me positively to deal with or carry out my duties as an administrator of an elementary school. A word of appreciation to my course co-ordinator Nina., for being so helpful and understanding through out the course and attending quickly to any difficulties I had. I am definitely looking forward to more courses from ACT. I am working as Administrator of The Rosary School, Miramar Goa.

  • Padma Priya
    Padma Priya
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 31-10-2017
    India, bangalore

    Best teaching courses are given by ACT, I would recommend my friends, I learnt a lot, courses are many and many options are given for candidates. I have enhanced my skills through these courses. I am working as a teacher in little millennium.

  • Obulapu Saileela
    Obulapu Saileela
    Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training
    Post On : 30-10-2017
    India, Bangalore

    Nice course, useful to all aspiring to be a Montessori teacher. Nice inputs on child psychology given in the course, are quite useful in dealing with pre - nursery kids. I am working in DRDO Kindergarten School.

  • Nishu Varma
    Nishu Varma
    Certificate in Teaching English Grammar
    Post On : 30-10-2017

    The course was very smooth and user-friendly. I didn't realise when I reached the end. Both sections of the assignment were thought-provoking. However, I quit appreciated the liberty and space given to the participants for finishing them. I work as a freelance ELT consultant with various publishers and schools.

  • Chitra
    Diploma in Educational Administration and Management
    Post On : 30-10-2017
    India, Chennai

    I 'm in the teaching profession for the past 22 years.But each day gives me a new experience. This course especially has given me a different insight. I'm glad that I chose this. I would like to do many more. I'm Principal and also I teach in Ellen Sharma Memorial Matriculation Higher Secondary School Sholinganallur ,Chennai.

  • Anupama Vasanth
    Anupama Vasanth
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 30-10-2017
    India, Bangalore

    The Diploma in Pre & Primary course was a very well balanced one which covered most aspects of teaching and of understanding the Pre & Primary learners well. I am glad I opted for this course with ACT and look forward to doing more courses in the future.

  • Komal Khare
    Komal Khare
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 29-10-2017
    Pune, India

    An overall satisfactory experience. My apprehension of doing online course is completely gone thanks to timely help from ACT. I am working in Shiishyaa School, Wakad, Pune.

  • Benedicta Mona Ugochukwu
    Benedicta Mona Ugochukwu
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 29-10-2017
    United Arab Emirates Dubai

    Initially I thought I do not need the course , but as time goes on I realized I should never think I know it all because there is always more to learn . For now just volunteering in different in schools in Dubai and Lagos

  • Chaitali Basak
    Chaitali Basak
    Post Graduate Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 29-10-2017
    United Arab Emirates, Dubai

    It was difficult for me to decide what I wanted to do after I gave up my career for family reasons. Teaching was always on mind, but never had the confidence of being able to handle a full class of children. Teaching seemed like an easy option. But this course has given me a very different insight on teaching. Being a teacher is not at all easy, but it is so enjoyable with the right kind of attitude and tools that you don't feel the stress at all. I have gained this enthusiasm, patience and confidence from this course. I used to work as a primary teacher in Birla Public School, Doha. Qatar. Now moved to Dubai.

  • Amrita Chatterjee
    Amrita Chatterjee
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 27-10-2017
    India, Bangalore

    This course laid more emphasis on how to teach rather than what to teach. The course has groomed me in such a way that it totally changed my perception towards teaching and I am looking forward to become a more passionate and enthusiastic teacher in future.

  • Lorraine Hassan
    Lorraine Hassan
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 27-10-2017
    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    It has all been a great experience from start to finish. I would recommend the course to everyone I know. I am working in Sayfol International School.

  • Allysa Ashley M. Palaming
    Allysa Ashley M. Palaming
    Diploma in Education
    Post On : 25-10-2017

    Great and Helpful. Great because I finally finish my Diploma in Education. Although I encountered difficulty in my thesis writing - I learned a lot. I gained much knowledge in my thesis project. The parts and the process on how to conduct a research study was really a great experience to me. It also helpful because - the concepts that I learned were really valuable for me to use as I go along with my teaching career. I was also enlighten on the areas of research and development. I realizing that teaching is not just an art but it is a commitment and determination on the part of the teacher and the vocation to serve the students.

  • Archana Krishnan
    Archana Krishnan
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 24-10-2017

    Good and enriching. There is an outcome that helps me become a good and effective teacher. The course material that was offered was good enough to help me prepare good lesson plans and also help me in class room management and behavioral aspects of children in the classroom. I am working in Deens academy, whitefield..

  • Sarnali Roy
    Sarnali Roy
    Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
    Post On : 21-10-2017
    New Farakka

    Act help to understand kids in a better way. Way of making lesson plan. Classroom management. And last but not the least kids emotional behavior. I am working in Holy family school, Farakka .

  • Saigeetha
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 20-10-2017
    Bangalore India

    I felt interesting and enjoyed it. I am working in Clarence public school.

  • Shrijaa
    Certificate in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 19-10-2017
    United Arab Emirates

    I was new to this profession. But when I started working, I like this profession. But to know more about this I took this certifications. Now I am happy and got new experience. With this course I got to know more into detail.. Thank u all. I am working in The Millenium school Dubai.

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