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Asian College of Teachers Alumni

Check out what our trainees have to say about the course. Their feedback accounts the aspects they most enjoyed about the course and also the challenges they faced. This can help our future trainees to understand our course better. Happy viewing !
    Student Feedback
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 27-09-2017

    The course has helped me to know more things about the Montessori method. I now like to explore more about child psychology. The misconception about how children can't do something should be taken out of people's mind and this method is one such which would. It intrigues me to learn more about the subject in depth.

  • Ishara Farwin Mohamed Iqbal
    Ishara Farwin Mohamed Iqbal
    Certificate in Teaching English Grammar
    Post On : 25-09-2017
    Sri Lanka and Panadura

    I have gained a lot of Knowledge in Teaching Grammar. The content was very useful and interesting. My coordinator was very helpful and supportive during my course. Thank you ACT. I am working in Sri Lankan International School, Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

  • Khadija mohammad sohail paracha
    Khadija mohammad sohail paracha
    Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
    Post On : 25-09-2017

    Very good experience get too much information for new learning and teaching methods the coordinator are very good they help me a lot specially lesson planning I didn't know to do know I know how to lesson plan for adult learners I'm very happy to have the course like that

  • Kunjal shah
    Kunjal shah
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 25-09-2017

    Enjoyed doing the course. It helped me gain my confidence and because of the assessment and the fear back I came to know where I stand.

  • Bhumika Rawat Aggarwal
    Bhumika Rawat Aggarwal
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 24-09-2017
    India mumbai

    Diploma in pre primary teachers training course has really help me understand the way young learners learn. The varied subjects helped me in understanding their needs and psyche and the way they should be taken care of. The assistance given by the coordinator was very helpful and she was there for me whenever I required any assistance or help regarding any question. The modules are varied in understanding from what a child needs when learning to his/ her psyche. I am very thankful for my coordinator for being so helpful and look forward to apply these skills learned here on the job and give back to society.

  • Ponath Abhimanyu Maya
    Ponath Abhimanyu Maya
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 24-09-2017
    India Bangalore

    I had a very enriching experience when I read about all the issues fixed by students with special needs . I realised that any child can be taught if the teacher uses the appropriate techniques and tools of teaching and learning to get the bet you of their students . I work as the Principal of an NGO , Christel House India.

  • Soumya Sajeesh
    Soumya Sajeesh
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 23-09-2017
    India Trichur

    A very useful course with many elements that i can use. I really liked the trainer's approach. it's very supportive.

  • Sri Surya Pragati .Thota
    Sri Surya Pragati .Thota
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 23-09-2017
    India, Hyderabad

    If you want to have a long career then you must first and foremost love process. All else should pale on front of the love of what you are doing as you make your work. I am working in Geetanjali global school.

    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 23-09-2017

    A very enlightening experience ,gained an in depth knowledge of teaching and various aspects related to teaching.

  • Lekshmi Naveen
    Lekshmi Naveen
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 23-09-2017
    Trivandrum, Kerala, India

    Play, grow, learn...this is one of my most favourite expressions in life. This course has given me various play orientated techniques I can inculcate into my teaching methods. I am working in Trivandrum International School Early Learning Centre, City Campus, Sasthamangalam, Trivandrum, Kerala, India.

  • Edith Ongele
    Edith Ongele
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 22-09-2017
    Nigeria/ warri city

    It was a bit rough as first trying to balance my studies to my day to day activities, but at the end of it all it was fulfilling. Every given assignment and test was challenging but I was able to scale through it because of the well planned content of the course.Also doing my teaching practice was exciting because my confidence had build up over the time of the course. I am working in Montessori international school warri, Nigeria.

  • Farheen Fatima
    Farheen Fatima
    Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training
    Post On : 22-09-2017
    India, Lucknow

    Thankfully today I have completed my course with good grades. It has been a great experience to be a part of such a renowned and quality education system with great support from co-ordinator and the course structure.

  • Ogomoditse Sehathololo
    Ogomoditse Sehathololo
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 22-09-2017
    Botswana, Gaborone

    Teaching is an interesting profession . It is fun and enjoyable. I like kids and teaching them what the world holds for them and what they should aspire to be. I had a wonderful experience throughout my course and during assignments and have learnt to always do my best to achieve better results I am going to apply all the skills I have learnt and it is going to be a wonderful journey I cannot wait for such a great achievement.

  • Nisreen Electricwala
    Nisreen Electricwala
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 21-09-2017
    India, Mumbai

    The only source of knowledge is experience.quote by: Albert Einstine. Asian College of Teachers has planted a seed in me to understand and learn more about how to teach and help children with Autism, Learning Difficulty and ADHD. It has given me the confidence to go out there and do it.and I know now that these are not Disabilities but different abilities.

  • Milena Hailemelekot
    Milena Hailemelekot
    Certificate in Special Education (Learning Disabilities, ADHD & Autism)
    Post On : 21-09-2017
    Eritrea ,Asmara

    The hands on learning made things very interesting,very big gift of a tremendous experience, expertise and creativity in such a smooth manner. It was a great learning experience for me and I shall cherish it for a long time to come. Thank you!!

    Certificate in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 20-09-2017

    Thank you for your nice co-ordination. And, I am very happy now for an successful completion of the Certificate in Montessori Teacher Training Course from Asian College of Teachers, a leading teachers training institution in Asia. Yes, this course of training is very helpful for me and engagingly.

  • Manaswini N B
    Manaswini N B
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 19-09-2017
    India, Bangalore

    It was just wonderful being a part of ACT. Still hoping that I can be a student again to improve the skills and knowledge further more. Wonderful co-ordination from the entire team. Immediate doubt clearance. Topic wise teaching and the content will definitely help anybody seeking to become a teacher.

  • Anthoni Stella G
    Anthoni Stella G
    Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 18-09-2017
    India Bangalore

    The course was excellent. I have gained more knowledge, skills and now I feel more confident to teach my children. Now I am also able to organise myself well the class schedules for the children. The knowledge that i have gained in this course is of great help for me to help the children. I am working as shadow teacher for special Kid at Kids Universal school, Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore.

  • Aditi Talapatra
    Aditi Talapatra
    Diploma in Educational Administration and Management
    Post On : 18-09-2017
    India Kolkata

    This course has been a guiding force in co-ordinating and implementing various aspects of the day to day curriculum . It has also helped me in enriching inter-personal relationship,helped me to bring a balance between micro-managing and implementing the broader aspects of day to day functioning. I am working in IEM PUBLIC SCHOOL ,Saltlake .

  • Ragini. P
    Ragini. P
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 17-09-2017
    India Bangalore

    It was very good and helpful. Thank you so much. Experience was wonderful .I learnt many ways of teaching especially for the kids. I thank for the ACT institution too. I am working in Royal School, Bangalore.

  • Sangita Sarma
    Sangita Sarma
    Diploma in Montessori Teachers Training
    Post On : 16-09-2017
    India, Dhkiajuli

    It was a nice experience while going through the course of MTT. Could learn various methodology and ofcourse very much useful in day to day class. I am working in Brahmaputra Public School .

  • Shilpa Chokhany
    Shilpa Chokhany
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 15-09-2017
    India , Kolkata

    My experience was good. I have really put in a lot of effort for the assignments. But I am still a little worried if the degree which I will get is recognised and have the required value or not. I hope it does. I am working in Mothers Care Montessori, Mandeville Gardens.

  • Lam Nguyen
    Lam Nguyen
    Post Graduate Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education
    Post On : 15-09-2017
    Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City

    The course helps me to clearly understand the critical phases in early childhood development and how to maximize the learning ability of young learners during these stages. It also provides me with essensial skills to nurture little children and how to give them a safe, secured and supported environment to develop their best.

  • Soumya E Abraham
    Soumya E Abraham
    Certificate in Pre & Primary Teaching
    Post On : 13-09-2017
    India Bangalore

    Thank you. Truly appreciated and again thankful for all your help. I'm happy to got this experience from Asian Collage. Thanking the teachers who have helped taken the phone calls and always encouraging me to do the assignments. I am working as a teacher in St. George school Bangalore.

  • Yesheswini.R.L.
    Diploma in Pre and Primary Teachers Training
    Post On : 13-09-2017

    Its really a good course. I learnt many things I have incorporated in my child life, how to teach him through playing.

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